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13 RuPaul’s Drag Race judging decisions and eliminations where the show got it *so* wrong

The judging on UK Versus the World is the latest culprit

RuPaul’s Drag Race is a show that of course generates opinion. Drag is art, art is subjective, and the judging panel’s decisions on what queens will place in the top, the bottom and then sashay away have huge impact on the fandom’s collective outrage or agreement. As the show evolved with the growth of social media, of Reddit and of YouTube post-show recaps, everyone has an opinion on who should have won challenges and who should be in the bottom. Every now and again, the show makes a bad choice that the fandom nearly uniformly agrees on – here are 16 of the worst decisions and eliminations and everything in between that many RuPaul’s Drag Race fans deem the worst in the show’s herstory.

1. Ongina sashaying away

Ongina going home on season one remains one of the biggest shocks in Drag Race herstory still to this day. She won two challenges, hadn’t placed in the bottom and was establishing herself as a finalist. It still hurts seeing queens who literally don’t even do drag anymore like Rebecca Glasscock place higher.

2. Tyra Sanchez’s win

At the time, and competition wise alone, Tyra Sanchez deserved her win. She dominated the season two challenges. In hindsight, the crown should have been Raven’s if we factor in Tyra’s problematic behaviour and the fact she no longer does drag. Raven has gone onto prove time and time again the crown should have been hers.

3. Joe Black going home first on Drag Race UK season two

Joe Black’s critiques on the first episode of Drag Race UK season two are some of the worst in the franchise’s history. Everyone was fuming, and literally no one believed he should have been there. Joe did eventually return to the competition but then left again on the same episode. Heartbreaking!

4. The queens jury of All Stars 3

A bleak, bleak state of affairs. What was probably birthed as a fun twist descended into the queens bitterly taking out Shangela – who rightfully deserved a top two spot with Trixie. It’s the game, and the queens played it – but it was still dissatisfying to watch and has become notorious for being one of the worst Drag Race decisions in herstory.

5. Katya being given the role of Diana in Herstory of the World

Katya ended up in the bottom for her Diana section during Baddest Bitches In Herstory – but she was fighting a losing battle. It shouldn’t have been a section of the song in the first place, and it’s universally thought of by fans as unfair.

6. Rebecca Glasscock making it to the season one final

It’s just outrageous that a queen as amateurish as Rebecca Glasscock made it to the final three over the likes of Ongina, Shannel and TAMMIE BROWN. The judges always commented on her beauty, but it was surface level. She had minimal friends in the competition, no longer even does drag and entered the Werk Room in JEANS. Enough said.

7. The entirety of All Stars 1

From the second Ru announced this cast of fan favourites would be competing in pairs, the season was doomed. It was so bad that half the cast returned again in further All Stars seasons to have a proper go because they were done so dirty here.

8. All Stars rules being in effect for Drag Race UK Versus the World

The All Stars rules being in play for the premiere season of Drag Race UK Versus the World created outrage as queens sent home frontrunners and fan favourites willy nilly – I’m happy Blu Hydrangea took the crown, but Jimbo and Pangina were robbed directly because of the All Stars rules.

9. The UK Versus the World judging in general

The Baga Chipz favouritism. Enough said.

10. River Medway and Choriza May getting eliminated on Drag Race UK season three

I’m not advocating for that lip sync being spectacular or anything, but a double sashay away? River and Choriza were two of the most season three stars that shined the brightest – really likeable and consistently fun in the competition. Seeing them going home so early at the same time was just sad.

11. BenDeLaCreme not making the top four of season six

Look, she DESERVED it. The judging leading up to Ben’s elimination was nothing short of an outrage.

12. The never-ending underrated treatment of Mrs. Kasha Davis

Mrs. Kasha Davis is a superstar, and her being done dirty by Drag Race at every turn is one of their worst decisions ever. First of all, she’s comedy gold. Her Glamazonian Airways performance should have won, and I love what she brings to the table in her old school housewifey charm. Get her on an All Stars! We need it.

13. Season seven casting a group of fashion queens and making them all do acting challenges

Just completely bizarre – and a decision that has led to season seven being unfairly disliked. The queens were iconic, but just kept getting lumped with acting challenges they were never going to excel in.

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