Introducing Byron Baes: The controversial reality show that’s just dropped on Netflix

‘Byron Baes is horrific. But I will watch the entire thing’


Netflix has just dropped a new reality show called Byron Baes. The show has only just come into our lives, but it’s already faced a lot of backlash. It’s so trashy people don’t know what to think of it, and the locals in the Byron Bay area want it taken down from Netflix completely.

This show looks like it’s treading the fine line of trashy reality TV turning to just that bit too awful. But, a lot of people have been saying they’re already addicted to the drama and its soap opera format. Here’s everything you need to know about new Netflix reality show Byron Baes, and why it’s already sparked controversy.

What you need to know about new Netflix reality TV show Byron Baes and the backlash following it

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Byron Baes follows the lives of influencers living in Byron Bay in Australia

Byron Baes is an eight-part reality TV docu-soap style show, which follows influencers who live in the Byron Bay area of Australia. 14 influencers are in the show, who help each other grow their businesses, connections and social followings. The Netflix synopsis reads: “Australian influencers flock to Byron Bay for its warm, beachy beauty and cool, creative vibe. Follow these friends as they negotiate life and love.”

The cast for the series includes group Queen bee Hannah Brauer, Nathan Favro and his housemate Elle Watson, singer Sarah Tangye, sisters Jessica and Lauren Bell, Saskia Wotten, Elias Chigros and Jade Kevin Foster, who claims to be Australia’s most followed male influencer.

What you need to know about new Netflix reality TV show Byron Baes and the backlash following it

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Announcing the show on a mockup postcard from Australia, Netflix added: “This is our love letter to Byron Bay. It’s not just Chris [Hemsworth] and Zac [Efron]’s backyard, it’s the playground of more celebrity adjacent-adjacent influencers than you can shake a selfie stick at. But PLOT TWIST: Don’t write these baes off too quickly. There’ll be fights, flings and heartbreak; but beneath every post is a very real desire not just for ‘likes’, but to be liked dammit, for who you are (so relatable). Can the baes survive summer without a collab gone wrong? Byron’s the kind of paradise that makes it all feel possible.”

Chris Culvenor, co-CEO of Eureka Productions which made the series, said: “With a compelling cast, spectacular settings and some truly addictive drama, Byron Baes has all the binge-worthy ingredients. Eureka is thrilled to be working with Netflix on this love letter to one of the world’s most perfect playgrounds.”

What you need to know about new Netflix reality TV show Byron Baes and the backlash following it

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However, the show has already faced backlash

Straight after the show was announced, the locals in the area made it very clear they weren’t impressed. People who are residents weren’t happy that their home was going to be portrayed as a stomping ground for influencers, and demanded the show was cancelled before it was even aired.  Locals were reportedly “horrified, embarrassed and angry” about the influencer show, saying it should instead be “about the real people living there rather than the glamorous people who only recently made Byron their home to flaunt their lifestyles.”

Last year, the series received further backlash for not consulting locals or the Byron Council before filming. According to the Echo, the Byron Council “passed an urgency motion” that would require producers to get permission before any further filming. Independent Councillor Cate Coorey said “we need to stand up for our community” and filming was eventually moved to the Sunshine Coast.

Following its first announcement for the show, Netflix was also forced to apologise to the cast for calling them “influencers” and “hot Instagrammers” with Netflix’s Director of Originals in Australia, Que Minh Luu, confirming the cast “hated” the press release which described the series.

As well as this, cast members have already defended the show as it is being accused of being scripted. Many of the cast have acting experience, and this caused the show to be accused of being “fake”. In an interview on Studio 10, cast member Jade Kevin Foster said: “Look I mean if I’m going to be honest once again, the show is 100 per cent more real than all of the filler and Botox I have in my face, so that’s saying something! The cameras are on us all the time and they just found the best bunch of spinners that they could find because it just worked.”

Reviews are the saying the show is so bad it’s good and people are addicted already

Twitter has a lot to say about the show. With people saying it’s the worst-best show they’ve ever watched, is “so dumb” and so “horrific” you’ll have to watch the entire thing.

Watch the trailer for Byron Baes on Netflix here:

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