Every single time the Love Is Blind season two reunion was more wild than the actual show

Yes obviously the majority of these include Shake

Love Is Blind is easily one of the wildest shows Netflix has ever produced and season two certainly lived up to that title. But it’s safe to say things didn’t really kick off as much as we’d have liked until that reunion episode. Gradually from the very start of the pod dates to the most recent episode, the cast have lost their minds a bit along the way. Even the hosts, Nick and Vanessa reaaaally let their hair down during the reunion.

To put it simply, the reunion was unhinged. It’s safe to say most of the wild moments were to do with Shake but there were also some other shocks in there like the fact Shaina actually seemed like a good person? And Kyle somehow got even MORE fit??? I know, I couldn’t believe it either. Here are the straight-up wildest moments that happened in the reunion episode of Love Is Blind season two.

Shake saying he was ‘unfortunately’ only attracted to Vanessa

Vanessa’s husband, Nick, was fuming

Not only did he say he was “unfortunately” attracted to Vanessa out of the entire room of women, but he said it in front of her husband. Oh man, Shake is an idiot.

‘Love Is Blurry’

Vanessa going in on Shake saying he was on the wrong show and needed to go on a show where you find love based on looks which is a completely fair argument given his abysmal dating technique we all saw in the pods. Anyway, Shake then comes out with saying he wishes he could partially see the women and if the show was more like dating blurry than dating blind. He is a joke!!!

 Vanessa telling Shake he just wanted someone to have sex with and him saying ‘I didn’t even do that’

Love Is Blind season two reunion wild moments

via Netflix

This just didn’t sit right with me. Every single thing Shake said literally left me stunned.

Shayne and Shake telling each other to shut up

Throughout this entire episode, Shayne looked so uncomfortable being sat next to Shake. He told him to shut up several times and even said to keep his name out of what he says. Where was this drama in the season?? Better late than never I guess.

Nick revealing he has unfollowed Shake for being ‘unbearable’

This wasn’t massively shocking because we all know how unbearable Shake is BUT it’s pretty wild Nick had the balls to just say it out loud in front of everyone. He did NOT hold back and I kind of adore him for it.

Deepti said the rest of the cast warned her about marrying Shake

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Natalie says beyond everything which was shown in the series, they were all aware of what Shake said behind Deepti’s back. She even called what was shown in the season “watered down” which is so wild considering he Shake said he literally sees Deepti as an aunt figure.

Iyanna calling Shake a narcissist and claiming he needs therapy

A King and Queen, via Netflix

Iyanna has huge icon energy and the way she dragged Shake was a class act. She kept her cool so well despite one of her closest mates on the show was massively mugged off by him. We could all do with being more like Iyanna.

Kyle admitting he regrets not proposing to Deepti

This needed waaaaay more screen time and we needed a much bigger explanation into what the hell is happening between them since the show finished filming. All we have to go off right now is Kyle’s cryptic TikTok, but to be honest, that’s all we need. Love them both.

Shake saying he’s happy to help Kyle get with Deepti

Shake is the literal worst. After a conversation with Deepti and hearing her say how badly he has treated her, he has the audacity to offer Kyle advice on dating her? PLEASE someone stop Shake because he is completely clueless.

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Shaina actually coming across quite well was a big shock

Throughout the second season, Shaina was pretty much painted as the season’s villain even though we all now know it was evidentially Shake. But by no means was Shaina perfect in anyway, in fact she was a pretty big pick me girl.

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