Okay so here are the mysterious ending scenes of The Batman finally explained

Makes so much sense now x

The Batman has unrelentingly taken over cinemas this weekend, and everyone is flocking in droves to see the latest reimagining of the Dark Knight in all his gritty, Robert Pattinson, Matt Reeves directed glory. Batman fever is at such a fever pitch that my local cinema has fully rebranded for it and I had to endure an “immersive” half an hour stage production with a bunch of actors pretending to be Gotham City Police Department before I got to watch the three hour film. If you’ve sat through the full three hour affair, you’ll know that there’s a certain scene in the coda of the film that’s full of mystery – here’s the ending of The Batman 2022 explained:

Warning: Huge spoilers for The Batman ahead.

What happens in The Batman 2022?

The dark, gritty reimagining of The Batman that Matt Reeves has created is a new universe in a rain soaked and crime riddled Gotham City. Robert Pattinson stars as the vengeful caped crusader, a vigilante on the streets emerging from the shadows to attack criminals – feared by the police as much as he is the thugs. The Batman pits Pattinson against The Riddler, a classic Batman villain reimagined here as a Zodiac Killer-esque masked serial killer, sadistically and publicly offering big political names in the city in his own quest for vengeance. The Riddler and Batman are both seeking vengeance against the corruption of the city, with The Riddler telling Batman they’re on the same side until the climax.

The Batman ending explained

After killing several big names in Gotham, The Riddler is finally caught and locked up in Arkham State Hospital – but not before activating his final act of anarchy: He blows up the sea walls around the city, flooding the streets and causing sheer mayhem. He’s also recruited a group of Riddler acolytes to follow his orders, with a bunch of likeminded followers dressed in his masked costume with guns ready to enact his wishes. But who is The Riddler’s mysterious cell mate in Arkham State Hospital?

Yep, The Riddler was talking to The Joker

Director Matt Reeves has confirmed that in that final mysterious chat between The Riddler and his cell mate, he was indeed talking to Batman’s arch-nemesis The Joker. Barry Keoghan is the latest actor to take on the iconic role, credited as “unnamed Arkham inmate” but confirmed by Matt Reeves that he is indeed playing The Joker. This friendly conversation between the two villains seems to open up the future of the two wreaking even more havoc in Gotham City.

The film ends with Batman discussing how the city will get worse before it gets better, with criminals opportunistically using the flooding and the carnage to do more crime. He and Zoe Kravitz’s Catwoman part ways as she leaves the city, her chapter closed for now. There isn’t a post credit scene in The Batman to get explained following the ending, but there is a website that seemingly belongs to The Riddler: www.rataalada.com. There’s a mysterious countdown, and a message in the code that The Riddler uses in the film.

Cleverer fans than I have deciphered the cipher, and it reads: “You think I’m finished, but perhaps you don’t know the full truth. Every ending is a new beginning. Something is coming.” WATCH THIS SPACE! The Batman ending might have just been explained, but the Reevesverse is only just beginning.

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