The Apprentice week nine memes

23 memes from last night’s The Apprentice that will quell your tears over Akshay getting fired

I want someone to look at me like Lord Sugar looks at Akshay

Well, we did it guys. We got to the funniest episode of The Apprentice of the season so far – and of course, the memes were there to back it up. The TV shopping task brought chaos, carnage and the saddest casualty of the boardroom since Shama had to leave the process. I can’t stop laughing thinking about the absolute pandemonium of Kathryn and Stephanie trying to flog that massager and talking over each other. Amelia Stone would never have stumbled like that. Word on the street is that every cabin on a Bouji Cruise has a massager included. And amongst all the laughs of the shopping channel chaos, Twitter was as good as the episode – here are the best memes from week nine of The Apprentice!

1. They have the same energy as Gale Weathers and her cameraman from Scream

2. Short answer? No x

3. The balls of Akshay

4. Goals I fear!

5. Literally the salesman of the nation

6. ‘It’s a friendly product’

7. It should have been Stephanie and I will die on that hill

8. I just can’t get my head round this nonsense

9. Eight weeks in the losing team will do that to you 

10. Was Steph’s time for this blunder I fear

11. That fluff and then she just wiped it on her jumper on live TV 

12. The way we just universally long for him back on our screens?

13. He’s definitely got a loyalty card

14. I’m sorry but what on earth was she on about?

15. Can we all at least agree that was the worst product of the episode?

16. Why did she have no shoes on x

17. This gave me PTSD

18. This is the most accurate thing I’ve ever seen

19. She’s a gay icon, don’t you know!

20. Can’t BE arsed

21. He was mystified

22. Every week, without fail

23. Absolutely goodbye

Catch up on the memes from week nine of The Apprentice by rewatching on BBC iPlayer.

Featured image courtesy of BBC before edits.

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