All the iconic fashion looks from Euphoria season two

I’m still not over Maddy’s New Year’s look

Euphoria is possibly the most influential TV show in fashion, with costume designer Heidi Bivens blending runway, couture and fast fashion into an image that feels real and true to how Gen-Z actually dress, or at least aspire to dress. Although reactions to the second season have been mixed, the fashion and styling remains as strong and insightful as ever.

We’ve rounded up what we believe to be the most iconic and important looks from season two:

Fez’s Grandmother’s blue suit

I would sell my soul for a spinoff with fezcos grandma, she was such an interesting character : r/euphoria

In the words of Fez, his grandmother truly is an absolute G for this look. In this royal blue tailored suit with the words “God’s Will, God’s Word” embroidered on the back, this is the look that got season two off with such a bang. Although we didn’t get to see much of Fez’s grandma after this episode, this look certainly has her down in Euphoria as an absolute legend.

Fez’s green jumper

Euphoria' Season 2 Episode 8: Angus Cloud Alludes It's 'Definitely Possible' Fez Dies

Included because of its significance in the episode, Fezco’s green jumper that he takes off before wrecking Nate Jacobs actually provides us some great insight into his character. A dark forest green, it shows a softer side to our favourite drug dealer and Lexi’s love interest.

Faye’s anime girl theories about Faye?? : r/euphoria

In the word’s of Paris Hilton “Skirts should be the size of belt, life’s short, take risks,” and this is definitely advice that Faye takes to heart. As the introduction to Faye’s character, this outfit speaks for itself. Short, Y2K inspired denim skirt, anime inspired pastel crop top and the over the shoulder teal bag, this outfit speaks to Faye’s relationship with Custer, and her immature, playful attitude.

Maddy’s ultimate baddie look

Decoding every outfit on season 2 of Euphoria | Vogue India

Maddy did not come to play in this outfit, cementing her status as one of the key fashion players in Euphoria. This black cut out dress which can be found on Akna, embodies Maddy’s sense of sensuality and power in one look. Combined with the black gloves, hooped earrings, swept back 90s hair, and Amina Muaddi lace up heels, Maddy’s dressed like a woman who knows her worth is far more than Nate Jacobs.

Lexi’s regal crown braid

Why We're Obsessed With Lexi in 'Euphoria' Season Two | The Everygirl

In possibly one of Lexi’s most important episodes (this is the episode she properly meets Fez), Lexi really pulls out all the stops for New Year’s Eve, but in her way. Lexi begins to explore her style more this season, and this episode is the first indicator of this. Dressed in custom made Batsheva top and trousers, Lexi exemplifies her elegant, if slightly more conservative style. The warm coppers, reds and browns contrast heavily with Cassie’s preference for pastels and blue, showing the opposition between the two sisters.

Jules’ androgynous New Years’ Eve

Euphoria outfits: where to shop our favourite looks from season 2

Jules’ arc in season one, and later in her special episode, revolved around her distancing herself from conforming to the male gaze and performing hyper-femininity. We can see the effects of that journey on Jules New Year’s Eve look, which stays true to her love for pastels, tulle and girlish silhouettes while also showing a harsher makeup look and sharp bob. The Maroske Peech bodysuit layered under a Nihl beaded crop top, paired with Orseund Iris skirt, provides a truly iconic moment which shows the culmination of Jules’ journey from season one to now.

Lexi’s Miu Miu moment

Euphoria's Lexi Howard Wardrobe Evolution | POPSUGAR Fashion

Lexi emerged as a surprise fashion icon during season two, due to the fact that season one didn’t really focus on her that much at all, and we find out this season that Lexi is a Miu Miu girl, sporting several pieces from them over season two. This though is the first, and arguably, one of the most iconic. Paired with some blocky heels, and an upswept hair do, Lexi is looking the part of the playwright she will eventually become.

Jules’ pastel fantasy

Jules’ arc continues through this look, as one of the characters whose fashion most accurately reflects their mood and current standing, this tie-dye pastel jumper and Y2K hair speak to Jules’ uncertainty and confusion in this episode. The jumper is a Polite Worldview piece, and stands in contrast with Jules’ previous, form fitting looks, with her subdued makeup and pulled back also emanating her confused mood.

Cassie’s soft girl breakdown

Euphoria Style Guide: A Breakdown of Season 2's Best Looks - E! Online

Cassie spent three hours on this look, only for Nate to walk straight past her. Cassie’s style has always been softer than Maddy’s, and far more hyper-feminine, which she really plays up in this ballerina-esque wrap top and bubble braid. Cassie operates within a soft pastel palette, specifically blues and light pinks, and this contrasts heavily with the absolute horror that is going inside of her.

Kat’s bathroom scene look

Euphoria Star Barbie Ferreira Just Addressed WTF Is Going On With Kat in Season 2 | Glamour

Kat was vastly under represented this season, with her fashion being nowhere near as outlandish as the finale of season one. This subdued look is very much a balance of Kat’s season one arc of strong, powerful silhouettes and patterns, and her unsure style choices from the beginning of the show. This Maisie Wilen sleeveless spades top (sadly now unavailable), works in muted jewel tones that she tends to wear, reds, greens, purples, paired with a small leather bag (how do they carry school books in Euphoria?). In a way, the subtlety  of her look mirrors how under utilised she was this season.

Cassie’s iconic ‘Oklahoma’

In the outfit that launched a million memes and TikToks, Cassie’s self-obsession and vanity comes to a head in this over-the-top blue floral and gingham look. Having woken up at four in the morning for seemingly weeks on end, this country western look almost tips Cassie over the edge. The look itself is custom (so unfortunately, if you too would like to look like a country western star, you’ll have to source your look somewhere else), it was created by L.A. based designer Seth Pratt. Cassie has taken her hyper-femininity in every direction she can, and with her bouffant sixties hair do, and gingham blouse, she looks like she’s stepped out of a Y2K Nashville.

Maddy’s birthday girl look

Where To Buy Maddy's Euphoria S2 Birthday Dress | HYPEBAE

Maddy remains an icon in this Marc Jacobs LBD, which, while understated, is still utterly gorgeous. Part of a collaboration between Devon Lee Carlson and Marc Jacobs, Maddy’s black dress is accessorized with her ever present hoops, a fresh manicure and the necklace Nate gives her (he later gives the same one to Cassie but we’re not even going to into that right now). It shows Maddy doesn’t need to dress in crazy outrageous outfits to still be a fashion icon.

Maddy’s green silk set

Maddy from Euphoria's most iconic outfits and where to buy them | Shopping | Heat

Episode four truly belongs to Maddy in terms of style and fashion, Heidi Bivens (Euphoria’s fashion designer) puts her in a Blumarine Spring Summer 2018 dress and robe. It embodies Maddy’s rich house wife ambitions, and her wearing it during her final break up with Nate is truly iconic.

Cassie’s messy swimsuit

Euphoria: Shop Cassie's Pink Cutout One-Piece Swimsuit | POPSUGAR Fashion

In possibly one of the messiest moments of the season, Cassie wears this hot pink swimsuit from Frankie’s Bikinis. Cassie’s own insecurity and neediness really pop out as she essentially begs for Nate’s attention in this focus pulling costume, before truly pulling focus by throwing up on her best friend in a hot tub. Real hot girl shit.

Rue’s Malcolm X t-shirt

Euphoria Season 2: Rue's Malcolm X Shirt Has Deeper Meaning | POPSUGAR Fashion

Rue really went through the ringer this season, and unsurprisingly, fashion wasn’t really a focal point for her because of that. However, this eye-catching t-shirt featuring civil rights leader Malcolm X was a real focal point for this episode. The shirt itself is a call-back to Rue’s stand alone episode, where she chats with Ali in a diner, and they talk about Malcolm X and the purpose of revolution. Having her wear a shirt featuring him during a conversation where Ali forgives her brings that moment full circle.

Cassie as Maddy

Euphoria News on Twitter:

In their first day together in high school, Cassie has been dressed up by Nate as what appears to be some variation of Maddy. Especially with the heavy eye make up in Maddy’s iconic winged liner style, and pin straight hair. The pink cable knit crop top my MSGM and pink wrap skirt is giving Malibu Barbie, and though it’s difficult to imagine it getting passed a school dress code, Cassie looks great (probably because she looks like Maddy).

All images via HBO. 

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