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QUIZ: Only OAPs will be getting full marks on this ultimate CITV trivia quiz

If you watched Grizzly Tales, you definitely went through an emo phase x

Let’s face it – CITV was the rogue younger sister of CBBC, constantly crossing boundaries and giving us the content we *truly* wanted to watch. While CBBC encouraged kids to start businesses, get crafty and clean their rooms; CITV made us wonder what it’d be like to have overtly sexual aliens as parents.

Take Grizzly Tales, for example. What was all that about? The episode where the boy got his carcass processed and turned into sausages gave me nightmares for WEEKS.

With all the weirdness, wackiness and wild behaviour going on, you *might* be forgiven for forgetting the names of every single nostalgic show from years ago. But, why don’t we put your knowledge of CITV trivia to the test?

Can you tell the difference between the 70 billion Harry Hill shows which took over our TV screens in the noughties? Do you remember which witch is the worst? Take our ultimate CITV trivia quiz to find out:

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