Buffy boyfriend quiz

Take this Buffy quiz and we’ll tell you if you’d end up with Angel, Riley or Spike

Apologies in advance if you get Riley x

Was Buffy the Vampire Slayer ever really about the men? Not really. But when they gave a hunk to our Buffy, they never really did things by halves. All three of the Slayer’s major love interests had her heart one way or another, and sometimes whether she liked it or not. Forget Parker, forget Scott Hope – the three major loves of Buffy’s time in Sunnydale are clear. First there was Angel – the true romance of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the emotional crux of the first three seasons, in a love that was doomed but deep. Second up came Riley – in many ways, a love interest that should have been perfect for Buffy but one that ended in a break up after Riley’s bizarre lust for sexual thrills from getting his blood drank and a fragile masculinity issue with Buffy being stronger than him. And then came Spike – a forbidden and lust fuelled romance that Buffy hated herself for but couldn’t resist. This quiz will let you know which Buffy boyfriend you’d end up spending your life (and afterlife) with after all.

Will you end up with the moody vibes of Angel? The safe and boring life with Riley? The toxic chaos of Spike? Only one way to find out: By taking this Buffy boyfriend quiz!

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