A personality quiz to see which girl from season two of Love Is Blind on Netflix you are

Which girl from Love Is Blind season two are you? Take this quiz to find out

I can only PRAY to be Deepti


Love Is Blind has us all obsessed with the characters and personalities on the show. We have our favourites as we watch their journeys to potential marriage, so you’ll be forgiven for at least once considering which girl from season one of Love Is Blind you are – and ending up on this quiz.

Perhaps you’re a Natalie – kind hearted, level headed and smart. Or maybe you’re more of a Danielle? She’s wild, and won’t be held back by any man. Then there are the Deeptis among us, who are know their worth, are nothing but caring and loving and want everyone in their lives to be happy. If you’re an Iyanna you’re definitely the most chilled in your friendship group, and ready for a peaceful and quiet life. Or maybe you’re nobody’s second option like Mallory? Or a Shaina – we all know a drama loving girl like Shaina.

There are so many different personalities in this season of Love Is Blind, but you can only truly be one of the girls. Now is the time to find out, once and for all.

Take this quiz to find out which girl from season two of Love Is Blind you really are:

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