Netflix Texas Chainsaw Massacre memes

Enjoy 21 Netflix Texas Chainsaw Massacre memes before Leatherface chops you into 21 pieces

I can’t stop laughing about how Sally thinks Leatherface is her lifelong nemesis and he doesn’t even know who she is

Look, the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre sequel on Netflix is deeply stupid. It’s deeply unnecessary. I would go as far to say that it’s one of the most deeply unnecessary and deeply stupid films I’ve ever seen, actually. But do you know what the most fun thing about deeply stupid and deeply unnecessary films is? The memes, the reactions and the Twitter commentary that follows. It almost makes the death of cinema and the horror genre as we know it all kind of worthwhile! So, without further ado, and before Leatherface bursts into your room unscathed from yet another mortal wound still brandishing his signature chainsaw, please enjoy this round up of the best of the Netflix Texas Chainsaw Massacre memes.

1. It was at this point that Tobe Hooper turned in his grave

2. He literally didn’t give one singular fuck

3. Not to say that they all deserved it, but my god, they all deserved it

4. What was the reason that he was so fit may I ask?

5. She kept going on like it was a lifelong vendetta I’m crying

6. He was so pleased with himself – king shit

7. For Fortnite banter, yes you are

8. And, erm, lesson learned I guess!

9. He literally can’t even remember yesterday doll do you think he remembers a bunch of kids names he chopped up in 1974?

10. Trash film – but she’s an icon, she’s a legend and she *is* the moment

11. Lol Texas Chainsaw Massacre (2022) wants to be the new Halloween trilogy SO BAD

12. I would welcome this with open arms, and an open mouth, and open le-

13. As a treat

14. I personally was not rooting for Tracy Beaker but that’s just me

15. Stole the entire film – a breakout star

16. Quite accurate, actually


18. Update: It’s not good

19. Not them bringing her back for an eyelash of screen time

20. This one shot is better than the entirety of the Netflix Texas Chainsaw Massacre film

21. I’m going to finish up with this one because it can’t be beaten

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