Shaina from Love Is Blind is a massive pick me girl and these reasons prove it

8. Shaina’s reunion hat is pick me, end of

Shaina from Netflix’s second season of Love Is Blind has huge pick me girl energy. It takes a certain type of person to come onto Love Is Blind and steal the limelight and Shaina did it successfully. We are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to the reasons why Shaina is a pick me girl. One reason is her constant squinting – just get an eye test, surely? Another reason is her necking back a shot on camera before meeting Kyle outside of the pods for the first time. At first she seemed chill but then she just became cringe and the villain of this year’s season. We’ve got one more episode to go, the weddings, and all we can do is pray and hope she will be taken over by her pick me girl alter ego and storm Shayne and Natalie’s wedding. Until then, here is a comprehensive list of every time Shaina was a pick me girl during Love Is Blind:

1. Shayne asking her what she was wearing fed her pick me girl vibes

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I shook with fear every single time I watched Shaina walk into the pod wearing a crop top. She enjoyed Shayne’s questions a little bit too much for my liking.

2. Shaina taking shots before meeting Kyle for the first time

so dramatic, via Netflix

Ok so this isn’t necessarily pick me energy but it was so dramatic. She agreed to marry a man who she fundamentally disagreed with. They even called each other “brainwashed” yet neither of them decided to call things off? So cursed. Not only that but Shaina brought up that argument when they first met outside of the pods.

3. She made a vegetarian eat meat

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This was OUTRAGEOUS. Not only did she accept a proposal and then beg for another man but she made Kyle, her fiancé who has been vegetarian for eight years, eat meat. Sure she didn’t put the meat into his mouth but god sake, why would you suggest it? Was she wanting to see how far he’d go for her? She even said “Ew, you need to eat meat” which is just downright mean.

4. Shaina upping and leaving Mexico was so pick me

Shaina leaving their holiday in Mexico at night should have been the end of their relationship, right? It was so uncalled for, all Kyle did was suggest they share a bed and to which she fairly said no but then to leave him at 7pm so she could flee the holiday was unnecessary.

5. The fact she dumps Kyle after he meets her parents

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I think this was particularly savage of Shaina to wait until her family grilled Kyle before she dumped him for good. Also the fact her parents asked Kyle if he loved “being American” was an ick – that gave us all we needed to know about Shaina’s family.

6. She used her faith to dump Kyle but did she ever ask Shayne about his?

This is a serious question. Shaina used God as a way to dump Kyle, which is totally fair if true, but then to say she’s in love with Shayne is odd. Did she ever ask Shayne about his faith?? I don’t think so.

7. We learn Shaina called Natalie before the reunion

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Shaina prepared for the reunion by calling Natalie and “jokingly” offering to set her up on a date with someone should her relationship with Shayne not work out. Shaina says she’s a woman of God when she dumps Kyle but the next thing we see is her doing the devil’s work and trying to break up Shayne and Natalie.

8. Shaina’s reunion hat is pick me, end of

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Her cowgirl hat has big pick me girl vibes, it’s obnoxious and proves she wants attention.

9. She was dying to know what Natalie and Shayne talk about

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When she was talking with Danielle and Nick, Shaina was absolutely dying to know what Natalie and Shayne talk about when they’re alone together. It was so weird, especially since she called Natalie the day before acting all pally with her.

10. The way she inserted herself into another couple’s engagement doesn’t sit right

In all seriousness, the way she made a place for herself in Shayne and Natalie’s engagement doesn’t sit right with me. She made OBVIOUS attempts to try and sabotage them and when she was called out she still lied and gaslit Shayne into questioning Natalie. I got awful vibes from this.

11. No one’s eyesight is that bad

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If one thing is certain after this experiment, Shaina needs glasses as soon as possible because the way she is squinting cannot be good for her eyes. She’s straining them too much, end of.

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