These 14 Storm Eunice memes are guaranteed to blow you away

Not a good day to be a trampoline

So Storm Eunice is on a mad one with millions of people in the south of England and Wales being advised to stay inside.

Schools have closed, transport links are facing disruption and universities like Bristol have cancelled in-person teaching. But amid all this chaos, people on Twitter are showing that with every cloud, comes a silver lining. In this case, that lining is memes. Cold hard memes.

Here are the 14 best Storm Eunice memes that are guaranteed to blow you away:

1. No words

2. If bins could speak

3. Every cloud…

4. Eunice did it not me, I swear

5. Icy conditions

6. Can Eunice just give it a rest and sashay away

7. Okay, this one isn’t funny. That’s a lovely pot plant and I wish her a speedy recovery

8. No one is safe, not even Postman Pat

9. A time to reflect

10.This is some Shrekceptional content

11. The least intimidating storm

12. Another thinly-veiled Remoaner SCAM

13. I’m sure they’ll bounce back

14. It’s wheelie bin windy tonight

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