Big Jet TV Storm Eunice

Big Jet TV live stream: How to watch the wild video of planes landing in Storm Eunice

Watching wobbly planes try and touch the ground is the best TV of 2022 so far

Storm Eunice is absolutely ravaging the country, and we’re all cowering inside out house as we watch our bins fly in the air and last night’s takeaway wrappers get strewn across our streets. Well, all cowering inside EXCEPT the icons at Big Jet TV – a live stream of London Heathrow airport’s landing strip where the Big Jet TV team are documenting big planes trying to land during the storm. It’s one of the most riveting things on the internet right now, and everyone is quaking with anxiety watching these jet planes wobble their way down to the landing strip. Here’s how you can watch the live stream of Big Jet TV in the midst of Storm Eunice and see for yourself why it’s gone viral on Twitter.

Big Jet TV is live-streaming on YouTube during Storm Eunice

Basically, the live stream is of the team from Big Jet TV who are right by the London Heathrow landing strip, and the entire internet is riveted on the chaos and the carnage involved as the planes try and navigate their way down to the ground. You can tune in by watching the live stream on YouTube above. Prepare for a lot of shouts of “FLIPPIN ‘ECK!”

What’s Twitter saying?

There are over 185,000 people watching the live stream, so naturally, the reactions have gone absolutely mad. Scott Bryan on Twitter put it in perspective, saying “Big Jet TV is currently getting more than two and a half times more viewers than GB News usually gets.” Not too bad for a YouTube channel!

One Twitter user in the midst of Storm Eunice live stream summed up the nation by saying: “Just wanna be in the pub, big screen on, watching BIG JET TV with some pints.” Same.

You can subscribe to Big Jet TV here, or learn more about them on their official website.

All live stream numbers accurate at time of publication. 

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