The Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev is now on Cameo and he’s charging up to £1,000

One review asks him to shoutout his enemies in his next video

The Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev is now on Cameo, and he’s charging people hundreds of pounds for personal videos and shoutouts from him. On his account he says he’s “excited to be here” and says he will send people messages for any occasion.

Right now, the price for a personal shoutout from Simon Leviev on Cameo is set at £148 ($200) and if you want a message for a business or for customers on a professional level it will cost you a whopping £1,000 ($1,400).

The Tinder Swindler Simon Leviev is now on Cameo

via Cameo

His bio reads that he is “excited to be on Cameo to wish the special person in your life whatever you need!” In a video announcing he has joined the platform, Simon said: “Hi everybody I am so excited to be here on Cameo, I’m Simon Leviev. If you want any blessing, birthday or whatever shoutout, I’m so excited to be here. I wish you a great and magnificent day everybody. Take care.”

So far, he has three reviews, all of which are five stars. One reads: “Can’t believe I got a Cameo from Simon. One of the finest luxuries in the world!” Another says: “She loved it! Just the words she needed to hear. Thank you Simon.” Whilst the third adds: “Can you do it again and talk about his enemies?”

This comes as it was revealed earlier this week that Simon Leviev is planning an entertainment career. He has reportedly bagged himself a manager, through which he has pitched the idea of his own dating show, dating podcast and book. The potential dating show will reportedly see women compete to go on dates with him, and he wants his own podcast to share his dos and don’ts of dating.

See the Cameo profile for Simon Leviev here.

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