Love Is Blind preview: A walkout bride, shock reunions and couples ‘at breaking point’

There is so much more to come!!

It’s time to have a preview at what’s next in the whirlwind that is season two of Love Is Blind on Netflix. So far we’ve seen the dates, proposals and the retreat, which have already shown couples questioning their feelings and cracks beginning to show. But believe me when I say, that really is the tip of the iceberg.

A clip of what is coming in the next bunch of episodes shows the couples having arguments, brides questioning their decisions and a shocking reunion between in Shaina and Shayne.

In the preview, Danielle and Nick are having a huge argument, as well as Iyanna being seen questioning if she is Jarrette’s priority, given he was also speaking to Mallory in the pods. Salvador has his ukulele back out and it looks like it’s won Mallory over, whilst it actually looks like Kyle and Shaina might give things a go!

A preview of what is still to come next in Love Is Blind season two

via Netflix

Meanwhile, Natalie lets her family know she is engaged and they are *less* than impressed, with Natalie’s mother literally slapping her hand away when she asks if she wants to see the ring. Natalie later says her and Shayne have “such big issues”, adding that she is “at a breaking point”. Deepti and Shake also look in hot water, with Deepti literally saying “what the fuck are we doing?” in a conversation with her potential future husband.

A preview of what is still to come next in Love Is Blind season two

via Netflix

The weddings look like pure carnage, with Shayne saying “this is not how I pictured my wedding to be” and it looking like he’s chasing his other half out the venue. Danielle says her day “could be the saddest of her life” and Deepti tells her family she definitely isn’t ready to get married.

Watch the first of two official clips of what’s to come in the next part of Love Is Blind season two here:

That clip just shows a short segment of Shayne and Shaina meeting up to discuss their situations. Shaina got engaged to Kyle, but has been questioning if they really are a match, whilst Shayne is currently engaged to Natalie. Shaina and Shayne also dated in the pods, and very nearly got engaged.

Now, they’ve met up to chat about it all and Shaina does NOT hold back. She calls the idea that Shayne and Natalie are compatible “comical” and questions if they are “bored in their relationship”. She also calls some of things Shayne and Natalie are yet to talk about a “red flag”. “Obviously I’m an issue,” Shaina says, referring to how Natalie feels about her relationship. “I care about you, you were my number one,” she adds.

Watch the full clip of Shaina and Shayne meeting up here:


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