These students woke up to videos of their fridge being chucked about on the road

‘She had a good life’

So there’s a video of a fridge being chucked about on a main road that’s been doing the rounds on Twitter. Watched over one million times, the footage is captioned: “Our fridge was missing and was wondering where it went and then got this sent to me. She had a good life.”

Unsurprisingly, the clip left many Twitter users wondering, how on earth does anyone get their fridge stolen? Well, we caught up with the fridge’s former owner to understand the story behind the chaotic video.

Their fridge was broken, so they left it outside – the next thing they knew, it was gone

Belfast student Adelina told The Tab that her fridge was broken “and full of mouldy food” so she and her flatmates did what any rational people would do in that situation- they put the fridge outside by the bins and waited for “the landlord to sort it out”. But the landlord was beaten to it.

“We came back from a night out and saw the fridge was no longer there and thought it was odd since it was 3am and no bin men would be about,” Adelina said.

When she got up the next day, she had her answer. “I woke up to people sending me countless videos of my fridge getting battered about.”

The culprits shouted “fuck that fridge” as they kicked and threw it. A bin also appeared to be set on fire amid the chaos.

But Adelina didn’t mind that much, saying: “I thought it was the funniest thing ever and just so random.”

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