Valentine's Day plan quiz

Plan a Valentine’s Day and we’ll tell you if you have any right to be getting a date

Question five: Where did you get the flowers from?

Happy Valentine’s Day to all who celebrate, and the word all here does not include me since I plan to spend the national day of romance watching films and eating intimidatingly large bags of crisps. But don’t let my jaded single outlook on Valentine’s Day put you off a cute day celebrating with your crush, partner or blow up doll. Everyone has a different way of celebrating the big day – but only some of those ways of celebrating should be celebrated. Do you actually deserve a date, or are your plans so abysmal you deserve to cry into a pizza alone? It’s time to put together your ideal and honest Valentine’s Day plan via this quiz, and we’ll tell you if you’ve got any right being on the date in the first place!

So, are you a breakfast in bed or a go out for brekky kind of couple? Sex for breakfast or a day in work with drinks in the evening? Where do you buy your date’s flowers from? Who’s paying the bill? What on earth are you going to wear? WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO EAT? Plan your perfect Valentine’s Day via this quiz and we’ll tell you once and for all if you have any right to a romantic date today after all:

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