Drag Race UK Versus The World queens

Drag Race UK Versus The World: The queen’s transformations from their first season to now

How does Jujubee look younger???

We’re all having a blast watching the queens on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Versus The World. Even though two fan favourites have already been booted out of the competition we can safely say it’s a chaotic and dramatic season so far. However every time I turn my TV on at 9pm on a Tuesday, I can’t help but obsess over the transformations some of these queens have gone through since their original series. For example, Baga Chipz looks like a completely different queen and I am loving it and Jujubee has been a Ru Girl for over a decade now so you already know she looks different. Here’s a run down of the biggest Drag Race UK Versus The World cast transformations:

Blu Hydrangea – Drag Race UK season one

Blu Hydrangea is an Irish icon, their humour is still filthy and their makeup has only got better since being in season one of Drag Race UK.

Cheryl Hole – Drag Race UK season one

The queen of Essex, aka Cheryl Hole became a firm fan favourite on Drag Race UK season one. She finished the show in fourth place and took lip syncing for her life to a whole new level. Sadly we said goodbye to her in episode two of Drag Race UK Versus The World but we can still look at her wonderful transformation into an “international hole”.

Janey Jacké – Drag Race Holland season one

Drag Race UK Versus The World queens

Janey tweeted the other day saying she filmed both seasons of Drag Race within six months of each other so her transformation isn’t that huge compared to some of the other queens.

Monique Heart – Season ten and All Stars 5

Monique is so fit it makes me want to cry. She was the beating heart of both season 10 and All Stars 5. She’s also a shining light in this UK season. Just look at her transformation from sexy to mega sexy.

Jujubee – Season two, All Stars 1 and All Stars 5

Drag Race UK Versus The World queens

Okay so let’s go back to the very first time we saw Jujubee, it was 2012 and she was a 25-year-old queen from Boston. But to be honest, she still looks as glamorous and youthful as ever so I guess it’s fair enough to say the biggest transformation is the camera quality.

Baga Chipz – Drag Race UK season one

Baga Chipz has had a lot of attention this season so far, notably for her drastic change since appearing on the very first UK season. She’s already bringing a load of laughs to UK Versus The World and she probably has one of the biggest transformations out of the entire cast. In her promo clip for Meet The Queens, Baga says she has had her teeth done, botox, filler and her lips – love it.

Jimbo – Drag Race Canada season one

Jimbo first started their drag race journey in 2018 when she appeared on Canada’s Drag Race and came fourth place. Not going to lie, she was slept on in Canada’s Drag Race so it’s nice to see her flourishing and getting all the attention so far in UK Versus The World. As you can see her drag has only got better over the last couple of years! J’adore Jimbo.

Lemon – Drag Race Canada season one

JUST LOOK AT THIS ICON!! Lemon first broke the internet after she appeared on season one of Canada’s Drag Race but she finished fifth place. Her post-show success has been immense, though, and people were really rooting for her in UK Versus The World but unfortunately the wrong queen was sent home in episode one and we had to say goodbye to Lemon.

Pangina Heals – Drag Race Thailand judge

The Thailand series started back in 2018 and the co-host was Pangina Heals. Pangina is classed as the “RuPaul of Thailand” and was the winner of Thailand’s first TV drag competition T-Battle.

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