21 wild moments from The Tinder Swindler which left everyone’s jaw firmly on the ground

Simon going from the ‘Prince of Diamonds’ to the ‘Homeless King’ is instant karma

Last week Netflix dropped a wild documentary called The Tinder Swindler and it’s about the professional fraudster Simon Leviev and the stories of his victims. Everyone has been pretty much hooked on the jaw-dropping story of how Shimon Hayut posed as a billionaire heir, Simon Leviev, on Tinder and conned women out of hundreds of thousands. Honestly I still can’t believe this story is even real. There were so many points in the documentary where we couldn’t believe what we were seeing. Here are 21 of the wildest moments from The Tinder Swindler:

1. Simon pretending to be the ‘Prince of Diamonds’

So Simon nicknamed himself the “Prince of Diamonds” after presenting himself as Lev Leviev’s son. Lev is the real “King of Diamonds” but in reality, Simon has absolutely no connection to him or the Leviev family at all.

2. Cecille met Simon’s daughter and his ex very quickly

When introduced to Simon on Twitter, Cecille says “it became very personal” very quick but she seemed to like it! So who can blame her? However, it’s pretty wild she met Simon’s kid and his ex (the baby’s mum) on a trip to Bulgaria on a private jet.

3. Simon telling Cecille he gets sent bullets in the mail right after they go official

It’s safe to say Simon isn’t a romantic. If the person I went official with were to drop on me the fact they get threatened with bullets in the mail, I’d be pretty shocked to say the least. But Cecille seemed to take this information in her stride after saying yes to being his girlfriend.

4. Simon fleeing to Amsterdam to graft Pernilla

via Netflix

After dropping the fact he’s just told his brand new girlfriend he’s under big threat and gets sent funeral flowers and bullets, Simon decides to flee to Amsterdam. After meeting on Tinder, Simon asks Pernilla to meet him in Amsterdam and he flies her from her home in Stockholm to go and see him. This man is pure chaos.

5. When Simon sent photos of himself and Peter covered in blood

I think one of the biggest memes in the documentary is Simon constantly saying everything was the work of his “enemies”. But yeah, the fact he sent Cecille photos of himself and his bodyguard, Peter, covered in blood in the back of ambulances is messed up. He convinced her that his enemies were trying to attack him and if Peter hadn’t intervened he would have been killed.

Simon also goes on to send these photos to Ayleen and Pernilla at different times as a way of convincing them to give him money.

6. Simon casually asking for $25,000 in cash from Cecille

Cecille really went through it with Simon. Not only did she give him her credit card but she even took out loans and bought $25,000 in cash for him in Amsterdam. In order to get this cash, Simon told her the attack on himself and Peter meant his security was no longer allowing him to use cards because his enemies could apparently track him down.

7. He spent all of her money…in a nightclub

The Tinder Swindler wild

via Netflix

At this point in the documentary my jaw was on the floor. How does this man KEEP getting away with this behaviour? Anyway, he leaves Cecille in Amsterdam and flies to Stockholm. He lands and goes on a night out with Pernilla and Peter where he pays IN CASH for the whole thing. Pernilla left early and messaged Simon the morning after to only find out he has already jetted off to Barcelona.

8. Cecille lied to her credit card company so Simon could keep spending

Whilst Cecille was slaving away making up all these lies to American Express, Simon was splashing the cash. He spent so much money so often that the card would become blocked.

9. Simon gets a new girlfriend whilst telling Cecille it’s too risky to meet her family

He tells Pernilla that he’s got a new girlfriend, Polina. Pernilla then invites them both to Mykonos where Simon continues to still spend money from Cecille’s card. Cecille then invited Simon to her hometown in Norway where he could have met her family and friends but he declined and said he wanted to be safe from his enemies.

10. Simon’s spending under Cecille’s name reaches $250,000

The Tinder Swindler wild

via Netflix

Right so when in Mykonos, Simon stays in a luxury hotel costing $5,000 a night. Within three days he had already spent $20,000. Pernilla kept describing Simon as “very generous” because she didn’t know about Cecille’s existence. Eventually Cecille added up taking out $250,000 in loans.

11. Cecille learns Simon is a professional fraudster

This was WILD. Cecille says: “They said Simon Leviev is one of many names he’s been using.” She finally clocked he’s a professional and does this for a living. After his spending in Mykonos, Simon gave Cecille a fake cheque for half a million dollars but when it didn’t go into her account Simon says he couldn’t do anything more to help her. She then went to American Express and confessed she had lied about her employment and all of her spending had been Simon. American Express then told her how Simon is known to them and he had faked everything.

12. Simon asks Pernilla for $30,000

Of course this man doesn’t stop here. He told Pernilla his “enemies” were after him and he needed $30,000. So she used the money she had saved to buy a new apartment and sent it to Simon. All of this happened while Cecille found a news article and discovered more about who Simon actually was.

13. His real name is Shimon Hayut

The Tinder Swindler wild

a journalist at VG, via Netflix

Cecille found a 2015 article about how he swindled three Finnish women out of money. FINALLY the pieces start coming together. She then reaches out to a Norwegian news outlet, VG, and their journalists analyse Simon’s behaviour and tactics.

14. The mother of Simon’s daughter is one of those three women

Cecille says a face pops up which is really familiar and she then clocks it is the mother of Simon’s daughter. Cecille says the woman told her he was a great dad, “How on the fucking earth were you a victim? You were standing at the trial back in 2016, putting him to jail knowing that he had lied to you and suddenly, three years later, you’re sitting on a private jet with Simon,” Cecille says in the documentary.

15. Simon rinses Pernilla for another $10,000

He then sends her a fake receipt for a $100,000 bank transfer. But after Pernilla realises the money is never going to turn up she follows up with Simon about it who says he needed to fly in person to the bank to confirm. Simon then tells her he could give her a watch worth over $100,000 as a way of repaying her. Obviously the watch was fake.

16. Pernilla confronting Simon on the phone was so dramatic

Thank god these journalists filmed the phone call because thats the most excitement I’ve felt in YEARS. Simon tells Pernilla she will pay for it if she decides to double-cross him and reveal to people his watch is fake. VG then published an article on him being fraudulent.

17. Ayleen was Simon’s girlfriend at the time and she saw the article

via Netflix

Whilst waiting for a flight to go and see Simon, Ayleen saw the article on him. She also revealed in the 14 months they had been dating, she loaned Simon $140,000 which he apparently needed as his enemies were after him.

18. ‘I was going to swindle the Tinder Swindler’

Simon tried several times to convince Ayleen the article was false and his enemies published it but she realised he was lying. She then got in touch with Pernilla and decided to come up with a plan and swindle Simon. At this point, Simon’s face was all over the news and he wasn’t able to match with anyone on Tinder. Ayleen convinced him that she believed him and suggested he give her his designer wardrobe so she could sell all the clothes and get him some money.

Naturally Ayleen kept the money for herself and even got an alert for one of the items selling whilst filming the documentary – she’s a queen.

19. Simon wanted to get surgery to make his face unrecognisable

The plastic surgeon requested Simon’s request and said this was only something criminals want. Essentially he wanted his cheekbones, nose, lips and chin altered.

20. Simon becomes the ‘homeless king’

After he runs out of money and women to swindle, he tells Ayleen he is on the verge of homelessness. Apparently he was eating people’s leftover food and staying at hostels for $12 per night. He also referred to himself as the “homeless king”.

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