Pinocchio 2022 voice

Here’s everything we know so far about the 2022 yassification of Pinocchio on TikTok

‘Father, when can I leave to be on my owwwwwn?’

When we were younger, the story of Pinocchio was all about a wooden puppet who wanted to be a real boy. Since then there have been remakes of the classic 1940 film but none of them hit quite like the most recent one. The trailer for Pinocchio: A True Story just dropped and people on TikTok have been saying 2022 Pinocchio sounds a little different. Here’s everything we know about the yassification of Pinocchio which has simply stunned and left the LGBTQ+ community screaming.

Pinocchio is voiced by a 54-year-old man

Yes, that’s right, our wooden king is actually voiced by Pauly Shore who is a 54-year-old comedian known for his work in the 90s. If you haven’t heard the new voice of Pinocchio then have look at this viral clip of the new 2022 trailer:

According to IMDb, Pinocchio: A True Story focuses on a young Pinocchio who runs away from his creator Jepetto and joins a travelling circus. The move is set to be released later this month but people on TikTok seem to be having loads of fun with it now. Here are the best reactions to the 2022 yassification of Pinocchio and his voice.

1. This is a cinematic masterpiece

@jalogannthey yassified him[tiktok]♬ original sound – Lionsgate


2. Pinocchio from Shrek walked so the yassified voice of 2022 Pinocchio could run

3. It’s so funny


5. I can’t get over this being the voice of a 54-year-old

6. I hear no difference

7. OMG it sounds so much like him


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