Drag Race UK queens city quiz

QUIZ: Can you name the city these legendary Drag Race UK queens come from?

If you know all of these you deserve a RuPeter Badge

Look, we all love Drag Race UK. So much. We’ve had three seasons of queens now, and it’s been batch after batch of drag talent from up and down the UK that showcases how much queer talent we actually have on this cursed island even when the nation is crumbling around us. And despite the fact it often seems that on every season over half of the cast seem to be living in London, the queens are actually from all over. This quiz will test EXACTLY if you remember which city the Drag Race UK queens actually come from…

Can you tell us where Bimini Bon Boulash was born and raised? Can you remember which part of London Asttina Mandella paid homage to on the runway? How about where Ella Vamum raised Ella Vaday? Do you know where The Vivienne is from before she moved to Liverpool? If you think you know every city queens from Drag Race UK are actually from, then take the quiz below and see if you can get full marks.

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