Here are the theories going viral on TikTok about the name of Kylie Jenner’s new baby

And no, she hasn’t actually announced it yet

Kylie Jenner took took to Instagram to announce the arrival of her new baby, born on 2/2/22, but declined to mention the sex or name. Naturally, everyone’s obsessed with trying to figure out the baby’s name, and two main theories have been circulating around TikTok. To spare you the effort of scrolling for hours on your FYP to try and figure them out, here’s what people think Kylie Jenner’s baby is called.

Theory 1: Kylie’s baby is called Angel

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The evidence for this is mostly in the baby being born on 2/2/22, an angel number, because Kylie is known to be spiritual. SO spiritual that some people think she actually induced her labour that day just so it would be her baby’s birth date.

Plus there are comments on the announcement Instagram post from various family and friends all mentioning the word “angel” – while this could just be a cute term for “baby” (yeah, that’s pretty likely) it could also be a hint towards the baby’s name.

Kris left a comment on Kylie’s post saying “Angel Pie” and Kim just commented the angel emoji. Plus, Instagram model Stas Karanikolaou, Kylie’s best friend, commented “angel baby” on the post. Coincidence? Perhaps not…

Theory 2: the baby’s name is Valentine

The evidence supporting this one has made me think half of TikTok should be hired by the CIA. Namely @lifeofroryofficial, whose videos about the baby literally have millions of views. And, yes, I went through all of them in order to figure out what’s actually going on.

So, according to @lifeofrory a.k.a. Ruaidhri Linden, a birth was recorded in Calabasas, where Kylie lives, on the day her baby was born, under the name Valentine Jenner. Once people started realising this, Kylie began the advertising for her new makeup collection, also called Valentine, which Ruaidhri theorised was to clutter the Google searches for anything to do with Kylie plus Valentine.

She then filed for copyright and trademarked “Valentine”, which could be for the makeup collection but could also be for her baby. Ruaidhri claims that if he’s right, Kylie will announce the name of the baby ON Valentine’s Day

@lifeofroryofficialIgnore my lips plz I’m numb 💉♬ back stabber kesha – im tired.

Ruaidhri told The Tab: “I mean to me it made sense, she was waiting so long to post about her baby and it was coming up to Valentine’s Day so I thought she might name her child Valentine.”

Now, there are some issues with this theory. It’s pretty likely that the new baby’s last name would be registered as Webster, like Stormi’s. It’s also likely that Kylie’s marketing her Valentine’s Day makeup collection simply because Valentine’s Day is next week. OR it’s because that’s her baby’s name, right?

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