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15 amazing queens we need to see on season two of Drag Race: UK Versus the World

So many queens deserve to be on, but these 15 are essential

RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK Versus the World shantayed onto BBC Three on Tuesday night and it was exactly the kind of carnage everyone was hoping for from a cast of global drag superstars. As soon as the cast were announced, it was clear that this was going to be a season of fan favourites and that every queen that sashayed away would be a huge loss (I’m still mourning the early exit of Lemon and don’t think I’ll ever fully be over it). But what about the seasons to come? Who else deserves a chance to come to the UK and fight it out to be queen of the world? Here are 15 queens that deserve to be cast in our dream lineup for season two of Drag Race: UK Versus the World!

Tatianna (US)

Tatianna’s return on All Stars 2 so many years after her season two debut was nothing short of glorious, and it solidified her as a fan fave to a whole new audience of Drag Race viewers. Tatianna deserves a third shot at the win and would absolutely dominate in the second season dream cast of Drag Race: UK Versus the World.

Alexis Mateo (US)

Sickening, no? Look, I just LOVE Alexis Mateo. I would have her on every season of television on earth if I could. Get her back. Immediately.

Willam (US)

Look, I know it’s unlikely – Willam famously has beef with Ru and World of Wonder. But you may say I’m a dreamer, and I need Willam to get the crown she absolutely deserves.

Peppermint (US)

Drag Race dream cast

Peppermint does DRAG drag, and since season nine she has just become even more of a fan favourite. Everyone is desperate for a Pep return. But is it fashion?

Pythia (Canada)

Should Pythia have won season two of Canada’s Drag Race? Not for me to say. But yes she bloody well should have! I’m kidding, I love Icesis and either of them deserved, but I want to see Pythia come back for the crown she needs!

Gia Metric (Canada)

Drag Race dream cast

Gia only just missed out on a deserved place in the finals of season two of Canada’s Drag Race, and she really deserves another chance to come and face off against queens from round the globe on UK Versus the World.

Eve 6000 (Canada)

Hagada! Trickupma! SLEEVE! Eve 6000 is perfect, chaotic television. She made Canada’s Drag Race the drama filled season of iconic moments what it was. Get her back on my screen right now as a matter of urgency.

Chelsea Boy (Holland)

Chelsea Boy brought something so special to Drag Race Holland, and I would love to see makeup skills of this calibre representing the Netherlands in my dream cast for Drag Race: UK Versus the World.

Elektra Shock (Down Under)

One of the only redeemable things about Drag Race Down Under was Elektra Shock’s Jinkx Monsoon storyline, and honestly, I wanted her to go all the way. If anyone comes back from Down Under, it should be her.

Bimini Bon Boulash (UK)

Make no two ways about it, Bimini should have won season two. Honestly, they’ve made such a success of themselves I don’t know if they’d even come back to compete again since they’re literally a Vogue cover star now! But if they did, the girls should all be scared. Very scared.

Tayce (UK)

Drag Race dream cast

Likeable, talented, high fashion – an absolute angel on this earth. The world NEEDS Tayce back to dominate for a crown, and what better than a return for our dream cast of season two of Drag Race: UK Versus the World.

A’Whora (UK)

A’Whora is a controversial queen, but undeniably a talented one. Her sense of style and design challenge prowess proved on season two she was in it to win it. She honestly deserved to be in the top four. Great drag queen, great TV – get her back.

Choriza May (UK)

“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful, hate me because I’m an immigrant” is THEE best entrance line ever said in the herstory of RuPaul’s Drag Race. The most underrated queen from season three of Drag Race UK, and one who should be in EVERYONE’S dream cast. End of!

Hugáceo (Spain)

I am literally SO obsessed with Hugáceo’s artistry. LOOK AT THAT FACE. Seeing them come back for Drag Race: UK Versus the World is not a want but a need.

Arantxa Castilla-La Mancha (Spain)

I’m sorry but I’ve been in love with Arantxa since the day she became the first queen to walk into Drag Race España’s Work Room. I love that her name is the Spanish equivalent of Hannah Montana. She’s wonderful vibes

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