26 memes about last night’s Apprentice and how miserable the graphic designers are

Sorry but how has Akshay survived another episode?

Last night’s episode of The Apprentice was pure chaos. Both groups had to make their own video game and one of them couldn’t spell, the graphic designers found themselves in hell and Akshay survived another firing – at this point no one knows what’s happening anymore. Here are all the best memes and reactions to last night’s episode of The Apprentice 2022.

1. The Apprentice graphic designers strike again

2. This is the only World tweet I’ll allow

3. This awful logo lives rent free in my mind

4. The unspoken hero

5. I’m calling it now

6. Artic bosh

7. Lord Sugar knows how to make us laugh


9. How has he dodged every firing??

10. He’s so confident at this point

11. Our King

12. Make it make sense?

13. Life throws some real curve balls at you

14. Is this Karen Brady’s burner account?

15. He is a little bit iconic, isn’t he?

16. I see no difference

17. Sweet dreams, Sophie

18. I would like her confidence

19. Loooool

20. Shut it!!

21. Her eyebrows are unreal

22. A cinematic masterpiece

23. It hasn’t been the best few weeks, has it?

24. This isn’t wrong

25. The tooth fairy x

26. The graphic designers don’t get paid enough

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