rihanna pregnancy memes

You’re not getting an album, but here are 30 joyous memes about Rihanna’s new baby instead

Someone check on Drake x

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably spent the last few weeks doomscrolling through tons of bad news stories. Downing Street parties, Sue Gray and Covid restrictions have dominated the headlines and – quite frankly – I’m fed up. So when Rihanna’s pregnancy announcement interrupted the constant stream of Sue news, the entirety of the UK did a collective sigh of relief.

Sorry, let me just repeat that. RIHANNA’S PREGNANT!!!

Obviously, the memes were on top form as usual. So sit back, relax, try not to cry at this literal foetus having a better life than you and let’s go through some properly entertaining Rihanna pregnancy memes, shall we?

1. Mum’s planning a baby shower as we speak x

2. Don’t kid yourself Luke


4. Gutted

5. Serious question – team Drake or team A$AP?

6. Lol we’ll be getting a Fenty babywear line before another album Chris

7. Patiently waiting for someone to use the word ‘gaslight’

8. This baby already has a better life than me

9. Sometimes I listen to Good Girl Gone Bad just to feel something

10. Sobbing

11. So many straight men in mourning today!!!

12. Ok

13. I think Drake’s somewhere listening to Celine Dion and crying

14. These excuses keep getting more elaborate Rih

15. It’s fine I am definitely fine

16. Seriously, someone pls confirm he’s okay

17. Anyone else notice how things keep happening? Covid, Euphoria and now this

18. Rip the era of streetdancing to Umbrella during free play

19. I can hear it now

20. Still got a decade to go but any volunteers?

21. It’s just a stupid bit of joy in our stupid lives, grow up x

22. Bless him

23. The KPop stans are getting involved

24. We did it Joe

25. She’s literally not bothered

26. Understandable

27. Hold! Celebrities! Accountable! Always!

28. What is this, a crossover episode?

29. What are th-

30. Sorry WHAT

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