People on TikTok are making domestic violence ‘jokes’ following Greenwood’s arrest

The Manchester United player was taken into custody after rape and domestic violence allegations surfaced online


In the news that will shock no one, people are making domestic violence jokes on TikTok following the arrest of Mason Greenwood.

The 20-year-old Manchester United footballer was taken into custody on Sunday, after rape and domestic violence allegations surfaced online.

Now, people are posting TikToks about Greenwood, trivialising and taking the piss out of abhorrent conduct towards women.

In one video, viewed around 100k times, a man walks towards his house. The caption reads: “POV: Mason Greenwood comes home.” Someone pretending to be his girlfriend says he’s made him dinner, before the man headbutts her.


The video has since been taken down but reposted by the TikTok user

Another video, liked nearly 70k times shows someone pretending to be a woman taking a chip from a man’s plate. The man reacts to this by saying: “How about you back the fuck off, you slag,” before hitting the other person.

“Prison FC” videos have also resurfaced, creating lineups of convicted footballers and those with allegations levelled towards them.


Refuge is a UK charity dedicated to combatting domestic violence.

Chief Executive Officer of Refuge Ruth Davison said: “Videos being shared on TikTok making light of the serious allegations surrounding Mason Greenwood are both inappropriate and dangerous.

“Trivialising sexual violence and domestic abuse seeks only to undermine the reality of violence against women and girls.  Domestic abuse is not a joke; it is a serious crime and should be treated as such.

“Social attitudes to domestic abuse can make a real difference. We know reporting of domestic abuse is low as survivors feel they will not be believed or taken seriously.

“We need to be doing everything we can to challenge and change attitudes to domestic abuse and reassure women and girls that when they are reporting domestic abuse they will be believed, respected and supported.

“It appears the majority of these videos have now been deleted from the platform and Refuge would like to commend TikTok for the swift response in recognising and removing this harmful content.”

After being approached by The Tab, TikTok deleted some of the videos in question. The platform is also monitoring hashtags and keywords surrounding this issue.

A TikTok spokesperson: “We are closely monitoring the situation as it unfolds, and taking appropriate action against related content. This includes removing videos and audio that violate our Community Guidelines on bullying and harassment and violent and graphic content

“While we do support people who choose to share their personal experiences to raise awareness, we encourage our community to do so in a safe way and in line with our Community Guidelines.”

For any woman who is experiencing domestic abuse – Refuge is here for you. You can call our confidential freephone National Domestic Abuse Helpline on 0808 2000 247 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You are not alone.” 

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