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Amy Anzel from The Apprentice 2022 has apologised for using a homophobic slur in a tweet

She tweeted saying she was ‘mobbed by homos’ on Saturday night

Amy Anzel from The Apprentice 2022 has apologised after she posted a homophobic slur last weekend on Twitter.

When out in Manchester, she asked her Twitter followers where the best places to go along Canal Street are.

Shortly after, the 48-year-old Apprentice candidate tweeted a homophobic term before she deleted the post following backlash from the LGBTQ+ community.

Amy Anzel’s tweet, which was posted at 1:51am on Saturday 30 January, said: “OMG getting mobbed by homo’s” followed by a laughing emoji and the Pride flag.

Amy Anzel The Apprentice Twitter

via @amyanzel on Twitter

One the same day, Amy shared this tweet apologising for her original post. She says: “I just want to apologise to the people I’ve upset with a tweet I posted last night. As soon as it was pointed out, I took it down. It was taken from a conversation – and I was repeating what my friends were saying. I really meant no malice by it at all, it was meant with love.”

In her Twitter bio, Amy refers to herself as as “LGBTQ+ ally” but she has since been accused of performative allyship by fans of the show. One person replied to Amy’s apology saying: “I’m sorry but it’s a no, love. Posting a few memes does not make you an ‘LGBT+ ally”, it all looks suspiciously like a marketing strategy to me. Were you really ‘mobbed by homos’ or just held to account?”

Amy Anzel The Apprentice Twitter

via Twitter

Another person replied to her and said: “‘I’m just repeating what my friends say’ isn’t an acceptable excuse when you’ve already been called out and pushed your behaviour even further. Hopefully this time you’ll take something away from it.”

Since the backlash online Amy has been engaging with the responses from people saying they were not offended by her homophobic language. One tweet she liked said: “I thought her tweet was jokes and you’re all a bunch of fairies to be honest.”

Another tweet she liked says: “As if she’s taking heat for saying she was getting mobbed by homos. Girl got a bit too comfortable and was only having fun. People need to touch grass.”

She was recently issued a parking ticket following a business meeting at The Dakota Hotel in Manchester. She shared on Instagram that she was meeting the Manchester Pride organisers as well as co-hosting the breakfast show on Gaydio.

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