The Apprentice star Navid sent ‘very sexual and flirty messages’ to two former contestants

‘He might have flopped in the boardroom, but Navid was certainly not shy in coming forward outside of it’

The Apprentice 2022 candidate Navid Sole sent “very sexual and flirty messages” to two former contestants from the show, it has been reported. The recently fired candidate is said to have sent the messages whilst the other contestants were on the show, and they have now recognised him from being on the latest series.

The “very sexual” nature of the messages Navid sent has not been revealed, but the former The Apprentice star told the Sun: “When I saw this year’s intake I thought I recognised Navid – but I couldn’t put my finger on it. When I went back through my Instagram messages I realised why.

“During the series he’d followed me, slipped into my DMs and started to send me very sexual and flirty messages. I’ve since learned I wasn’t the only one. He might have flopped in the boardroom, but Navid was certainly not shy in coming forward outside of it. But like Lord Sugar on the show I gave him a wide berth.”

The Apprentice star Navid Sole reportedly sent former contestants flirty messages

via BBC

Navid reportedly told former stars of the show they were “hot”, “amazing” and said looking at them on TV had left him thinking “Yum”. Navid’s reps have been approached for comment about the messages.

After he was fired from the show, it was revealed that Navid was in the centre of a bullying row with another contestant. He and fellow candidate Harry Mahmood are both said to have reported another person on the show for their behaviour. Navid claims someone insulted him, made him cry and “made his life hell” whilst filming was taking place. The 27-year-old pharmacist claims producers on the show refused to help him after the alleged incident which left him begging to swap rooms in the house the candidates share.

It’s also been revealed that Navid is a millionaire heir and holidays up to 40 times a year. He reportedly spends £20k a year on holidays, is celeb-obsessed and spends thousands on meet and greets and has a maid at his home. Before appearing on The Apprentice, Navid took part in three other reality TV shows.

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