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Here’s everything you could ever need to know about Brandy, the shining star of After Life

To put it simply: I would die for Brandy x

After Life on Netflix is a show full of many stars like Ricky Gervais, the guy from Sex Education and even Emily Atack’s mum but none of them shine brighter than the dog, Brandy. Since the very first season there has been so much love for Brandy that fans forced Ricky Gervais to promise he wouldn’t kill her off in the final season. Finally now we know the real owner of Brandy and they’ve confirmed she is the “queen of the family”. Here’s everything we know about the real life of Brandy, the iconic dog from After Life on Netflix:

Her real name is actually Anti, not Brandy

Anti’s owner is 34-year-old Ash Foster and they have had Anti since the day she was born. According to Ash, Anti is 10-years-old and had been dedicated to working on films with big names like George Clooney, Tom Cruise and Martin Clunes. However Anti is just like the rest of us because after a hard day’s work, she’s sat down on the sofa watching Netflix having some snacks and drinking tea – stunning.

‘She the queen of the family’

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Ash said: “I delivered her into the world. I had her mum and I was there when she was born. She’s lived with me for my whole life. She’s pretty much part of my identity as my wife at the minute. She is very special to me. She is basically the queen of the family. Almost worshipped in our house.

Apparently she loves to do sports and is very active. Ash said she likes to swim and she enjoys running alongside them when they cycle. Plus, she’s a big fan of the pub which is always a bonus.

‘How she is on After Life is how she is at home’

Ash describes her as the “perfect dog” which is exactly who we see on After Life. Ricky Gervais became friends with Anti after he picked her off a website to be Tony’s adored pet dog. Ash says he likes to think of After Life as the “perfect time capsule of her, I know she’s never going to die in After Life but when she does go that’s going to be the thing I remember her by.”

Anti started her career at the age of two

via Netflix

Anti, who’s full name is Antilly, broke onto the big screen just aged two. Her first role was in 2014 as she starred in The Edge of Tomorrow alongside Tom Cruise. George Clooney told Ash that Anti is the best trained dog he’d ever seen in his life which is a mega compliment.

Because she’s a German Shepherd, she doesn’t get to do a lot of acting where she’s seen as cute or friendly. Ash describes After Life as being “one of the only jobs she’s done where she’s been a normal dog and it’s really one of the only shows where you see her as she is in real life.” He continues: “She’s got such a big personality, she kind of doesn’t care about anything or anyone, she’s her own boss. When you take her out she’s independent and she likes to do her own thing but at home she is very cuddly. We worship the ground she walks on – she gets that treatment on set as well, especially in After Life.”

via Netflix

Anti took bribes in the form of a frankfurter sausage

According to her owner Ash, Anti is a highly skilled and trained performer but just like any dog she enjoys her food. Ash says he is the one pulling the strings behind the camera.

She’s got an upcoming movie with Regé-Jean page from Bridgerton!!!

All of a sudden I am jealous of a dog. One of Anti’s upcoming projects is 2023’s Dungeons & Dragons, starring Bridgerton’s Regé-Jean Page – iconic.

But due to her age, she’ll apparently have to be slowing down soon. But Ash has a younger German Shepherd called Pen who’s a year old and is currently an apprentice. J’adore Pen already.

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