These are officially the horniest unis in the UK

Unsurprisingly Sheffield didn’t make the cut

Uni is a time full of sex. Three years of flirting, dating and one night stands. But which uni is the one place in the country that really wants to get it on more than any other? Is it the Tories at Edi wanting to shag whilst talking about philosophy? Or is it the Bristol students high on mandy who want to be sleeping with someone the most? Well it turns out it’s actually St Andrews. I know I was shocked too.

The alma mater of Prince William and Kate Middleton, St Andrews, is the university in the UK buying the most sex toys. Well at least they’ve topped the league tables in something.

Sex toy company Ricky discovered which uni students spent the most on sex toys in the last year and St Andrews, Birmingham and Manchester are the biggest spenders. Thanks to the pandemic Ricky has seen a 50 per cent increase in student spending on their site.

Students at St Andrews spent on average £154 on sex toys in the last year with their favourite being wand massagers. Which makes sense considering just how many poshos rolling in money attend the uni. Research discovered students in the north are for more likely to buy sex toys than those in the south, well it is more fun up there.

These are the top 10 universities who spend the most on sex toys and their average spend:

10. London Metropolitan University – £97

9. University of Nottingham – £97

8. University of Plymouth – £98

7. University of the Arts London – £98

6. University of Liverpool – £99

5. University of Reading – £99

4. Univeristy of Manchester – £100

3. Durham University – £115

2. University of Birmingham – £132

1. University of St Andrews – £154

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