Student allegedly encouraged victim to ‘down drinks’ before sexually assaulting her

Charles Goodwin is currently on trial for the alleged rape and sexual assault of four students

TW: Contains mentions of rape and sexual assault

21-year-old student Charles Goodwin is currently on trial for the alleged rape and sexual assault of four fellow students. Goodwin has denied all charges.

He is facing 12 charges including six counts of rape, two counts of sexual assault and two counts of assault by penetration, choking and assault. The alleged offences took place between January 2020 and May 2021.

Last week the first two alleged victims shared their testimonies to Liverpool Crown Court where one claimed she was raped and choked by Goodwin after meeting in a Manchester nightclub. The other victim claimed she was raped by Goodwin after a game of “Ring of Fire” where she claimed Goodwin picked her out do take shots.

Yesterday a third victim, a university student, told the jury her experience. She alleged she met Goodwin during Freshers week where he gave her a drink of Kahula and glasses of pink gin and lemonade outside a university building.

“He just kept giving me drinks and coercing me to down them which I did,” she told the jury. She claimed to have been feeling dizzy after the third drink and could not stand after another one. She said Goodwin squeezed her leg under the table.

She went onto say she, Goodwin and her friends went back to her flat where he gave her another drink. The two then went outside where she claimed he tried to put his hand down the back of trousers.

She said: “He put his hand down the back of my trousers and attempted to fiddle.”

They then went back into the flat where she said Goodwin held her hair back whilst she was sick. Her friends left the flat to go and get pizza.

She alleged Goodwin leaned into kiss her but then said “you are too drunk” to which she replied “no I’m not, I’m better,” and they kissed.

She described how Goodwin then allegedly placed her on the counter and tried to put his hand down her trousers. She said: “He moved me to straddle him. He picked me up and put me on the counter. He put his hand down my joggers and underneath my underwear.”

Goodwin was allegedly told to stop twice by the victim and is said to have stopped and apologised. He then proceeded to remove his own trousers and underwear and placed the victim’s hand on his penis. The victim claimed she removed her hand and walked back to the sofa.

“He then pulled down my trousers and hit me on my arse twice pretty hard,” she told the court.

The next day the victim said she experienced a panic attack and told a friend what happened and was advised to report it.

The trial continues.

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