Quiz: Right how well do you really remember the pilot of Gossip Girl?

Did I really just see Chuck on a bus?

As TV pilots go the Gossip Girl one is straight up iconic. The main characters are fully developed, there’s scandalous storylines and plenty of hideous 2007 outfits. What more could you want in a pilot? And just how well do you remember the pilot? It’s time to find out with our quiz.

The first ever episode featured the majority of the main cast with the exception of Vanessa. Whilst lots of the show’s key aspects stayed the same there were a few differences in the pilot. The biggest of course being Nate and Chuck taking the bus to school with Dan. The bus? Chuck? Never did I think those two things would go together. The series also starts out with Blair’s mum being played by a different actor, Eleanor Waldorf she is not.

The episode packs it all in – Serena returning from boarding school, her first date with Dan and helping Eric out. Chuck and Blair are their typical selves. And Nate and Dan have that sad misunderstood rich boy vibe to them. So does this all ring a bell or do you need Gossip Girl to give you a little refresh?

To find out how much you remember of the Gossip Girl pilot, take our quiz here:

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