A moment of appreciation for Mindy: The unsung hero of Emily in Paris season two

She carries the show and you can’t tell me otherwise

After its latest release of season two, Emily in Paris has been renewed for a further two seasons. It’s no secret that the show has produced some absolutely cringe-worthy moments, awful burn-your-eyes-out outfits and classic Emily Cooper creepiness. But throughout all this carnage, one shining light has shone through and blessed our screens: the one and only Mindy. Mindy is the unsung hero of Emily in Paris season two and we’re going to tell you exactly why.

Emily in Paris season two has been chaotic as ever: with Emily still working as a social media manager for Savoir, her new British love interest Alfie and her ongoing betrayal to her best friend Camille after sleeping with her boyfriend, Gabriel. But once again, Mindy has only gone and stolen the show.

Mindy is undoubtedly the best character in the series and you can’t tell me otherwise. She’s talented, complex, thoughtful and unique, to name a few. Without Mindy, the show’s a total flop – it really should be renamed Mindy in Paris.

Here’s five reasons why Mindy is the unsung hero of Emily in Paris season two:

1. She’s actually a good friend (unlike some…)

Yes as hard as it is to believe, turns out there’s at least one character with morals in the show. Unlike Emily who decides to sleep with her best friend’s boyfriend and lie about it, Mindy is a solid and loyal friend. She’s got Emily’s back (despite her many questionable choices) and is always there to offer advice.

2. Mindy’s got a legit talent

In season two, Mindy goes from drag performer to street busker and both are absolutely iconic. Seriously. Rather than just strutting around in absolutely ridiculous outfits, Mindy reminds us what real talent actually looks like.

3. She’s an unproblematic queen

Look, fair enough – it’s a Netflix show and drama is technically required. But where the drama goes, Mindy does not follow. She is unproblematic and is rarely at the centre of the action. Mindy shows that you can still be relevant without pissing everyone off and that should be admired.

4. Her outfits are actually not *that* terrible

Everyone can pretty much agree that despite the hype, the outfits in Emily in Paris season two were catastrophic. We’re talking truly awful. Mindy somehow seems to have escaped this fashion nightmare, and the majority of her outfits are actually quite nice.

5. She’s got a deepness to her

Towards the end of the season, Mindy’s busking friends reveal her true identity of Chinese fame. Despite her background, Mindy has left China to reinvent herself. She decides to live like everyone else and has sacrificed her money to live a more authentic life. This plot is actually pretty deep in relation to the rest of the show and no doubt deserves more attention.

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