Morrisons paracetamol TikTok sound

Ok so this is where the ‘I’ll tell you who does a nice paracetamol’ TikTok sound is from

Brb going Morrisons x

If your TikTok For You Page is even slightly nearly as chaotic as mine is, your FYP will currently be filled with an abundance of hilarious TikToks all using one sound that feels absolutely inescapable. And this one honestly might be the most random yet. “I’ll tell you who does a nice paracetamol, Morrisons”, wisely spouted by an iconic sounding Scottish woman, is a quote that I absolutely cannot get out of my head. But where is the “I’ll tell you who does a nice paracetamol, Morrisons” TikTok sound actually come from originally?

@carmencharliethom We should be talking outfits no chemists xox #morrisons #scottish #paracetamol #ill #corona #hogmanay #bells #fyp #pals #somedunt ♬ original sound – tom william 🎙

It’s from a sitcom called Two Doors Down

The iconic Morrisons paracetamol TikTok sound is taken from a Scottish sitcom called Two Doors Down. The show airs on BBC One, and the whole thing is available to stream on BBC iPlayer. Two Doors Down is set on Latimer Crescent, a cul-de-sac, and is about a married couple weathering sitcom disasters, annoying family members and pestering neighbours.

Two Doors Down cast, via BBC

The TikTok sound excerpt is taken from the latest Two Doors Down episode to air, titled Beth’s Flu. In the episode, everyone is trying their best to nurse Beth back to full help but too many cooks are spoiling the broth. Christine, the older lady speaking in the clip, is making small talk with Ian and Gordon. Hence the mundane nature of the paracetamol chat.

What’s it being used for on TikTok?

The Morrisons paracetamol sound is being used on TikTok for any kind of small talk meme you can think of. All of life is here, from the group chat all having Covid and having to make small talk to waking up next to your one night stand and realising that in the harsh light of day you perhaps don’t have as much in common as you believed. Watch some of the funniest examples below:

@bexharknessjust ✨covid things✨♬ original sound – tom william 🎙

@thatmedicplug Go to your GP pls 🤠 #medicalschool #medicalstudent #medtok #medtiktok ♬ original sound – tom william 🎙

@chlo.stevensNot that I’d know how that feels because I am purity but.♬ original sound – tom william 🎙

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