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‘I’ve always done more than the average influencer’

Last week Molly-Mae Hague’s comments about everyone having the same 24 hours in a day went viral. Thousands of memes were created, Molly-Mae lost hundreds of followers and the comments were even a topic of debate on Loose Women.

As part of a podcast interview Molly-Mae said “we all have the same 24 hours in the day”, and “if you want something enough, you can achieve it”. A clip from the podcast was circulating on Twitter and her comments quickly prompted thousands of tweets accusing her of being “tone deaf” to social inequality.

Molly-Mae’s reps released a statement to the Metro saying the clip from the podcast had been taken out of context and Twitter comments such as “if you’re homeless buy a house” do not reflect Molly’s views.

They said: “If you listen to this interview you can see the whole conversation was about her own personal circumstances, how she has grown up and this small clip in the conversation was talking about a quote that inspires her. Social media users have shared a short snippet from this interview with words such as ‘if you are homeless buy a house’ and ‘if you are poor be poor’ these are absolutely not Molly’s words, these are not Molly’s thoughts and this isn’t at all the meaning or thought behind that conversation.”

Molly-Mae’s comments were part of a larger interview with Steven Bartlett on his podcast “The Diary of a CEO” in December last year. The interview was over 90 minutes long and Steven asks Molly-Mae about why she went on Love Island, her struggle with fame and her small friendship circle.

Aside from her comments on having 24 hours in a day, this is everything else Molly-Mae said on the podcast:

‘No amount of money can make me take a job I don’t believe in’

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Back in August last year Molly-Mae released a YouTube video where she sits down with her manager Fran to share their stories of working together. Within the video Fran revealed Molly-Mae turned down a £2million deal to be the face of a high street fashion brand.

Speaking about this on Steven’s podcast Molly-Mae clarified she would never accept a deal she didn’t believe in because she knew her audience wouldn’t trust her.

“No amount of money can make me take a job I don’t believe in. If I’m not wearing the clothes I’m not taking the job. No matter if they offered me £5million or £10million. I solely believe that because the money will come from your audience appreciating you didn’t take that job. I’d rather build that trust than take the money, because the trust will earn you that money in the future. I know that £2million is going to come back to me at some point.”

‘I didn’t go on Love Island to find love, no one does’

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A big part of Steven’s podcast focused on Molly-Mae’s decision to go on Love Island. During the episode Molly-Mae said she was approached to go on the show when she had around 100,000 followers.

Molly-Mae has previously admitted going on Love Island was a business move and in the podcast she said no one goes on the show for love, “I didn’t go on that show to find love, no one does, people go on it for the experience.”

When Steven asked her how she felt about going on the show she said she debated going on the show as she thought she would still be able to grow her following without it.

“At the time my influencing was going really well. And there was a part of me that thought I can do this without going on the show. I know I’ll be fine either way. If I hadn’t been on the show I’d say I’d be at a million followers now.”

‘When you leave the show you’re all on a level playing field’

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When discussing her work ethic Molly-Mae argued everyone who leaves Love Island is on the same level and it’s what you choose to do with that determines if you are a success.

“When you come off that show you’re all on a level playing field and it’s totally up to you where you go with it. I just knew I wanted to go to levels no one had gone to. And that’s why I never really speak about it because that’s not the reason why I am where I am now. It gave me a platform, it elevated me but the things I’ve done now are not because of Love Island they’re because of me and what I’ve decided to do and my work ethic.”

Since leaving Love Island Molly-Mae said is constantly chasing new goals and sets them regularly with her manager Fran. One of her first goals after leaving Love Island was to have £1million in her bank account.

‘I find friends a waste of time’

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A number of the comments Molly-Mae made on Diary of a CEO have already gone viral including her thoughts on having a small friendship circle.

During the interview Molly-Mae said she doesn’t have many friends and described her social circle as “minuscule”.

Molly-Mae went onto say what she does with her life and it mainly revolved around Tommy and work. She said: “I work, I spend time with my boyfriend and I go to bed. I’m not bothered about a social life, it’s never something I’ve been interested in. I don’t really drink,  I don’t party, I don’t go out, I just don’t enjoy it. I’d rather focus on making money and being successful.

“Friends come and go and I find it a waste of time.” Savage.

‘I actually rang the Daily Mail myself and asked them to take down’ 

Like many celebrities Molly-Mae faces daily trolling and paparazzi following her around. During the interview Molly-Mae reflects on a time after Love Island where she was photographed by the paparazzi whilst shooting her fake tan campaign in Barbados.

She said she was so unhappy with the pictures and trolling she was receiving that she called the Daily Mail to ask them to take the photos down.

Molly-Mae said: “I actually rang the Daily Mail myself, I went through to someone on customer service, and I was like ‘This is Molly-Mae, you must take those pictures down now’. I was hysterically crying, saying “Please, you’ve ruined my life. Look at the comments under that picture, please take them down.

“When I look back at that now, I would never say I’ve had a mental breakdown but that was close to it because I just went crazy… That was a really low moment for me.”

She went onto say now on all trips she goes on they have someone whose job it is to watch out for paps and ensure she doesn’t get pictured.

She addressed *those* Italian food comments

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Last year Molly-Mae went viral on Twitter after she said she didn’t really like the food in Italy and wasn’t impressed.

She wrote on her Instagram story: “I absolutely loved Venice but one thing I will say about Italy in general… The food is actually shocking.

“So controversial I know but I’ve been a lot of times now to different parts and I’ve tried a lot of different restaurants and I’m always so disappointed.”

Speaking about her comment’s on Steven’s podcast Molly-Mae said she could have worded her thoughts better and is now so scared to make comments for fear of people sending death threats.

She said: “‘I’m often fearful to speak. A few months ago I went to Italy and mentioned that I didn’t like the food and I probably could’ve worded in better but I was trending on Twitter for two days. I was going through a really hard time like I can’t deal with this, I made one comment people didn’t like and… I’m getting death threats because of it…. I’m always on the edge of what’s going to be next.”

‘My face was literally like, it was just awful’

It was headline news when Molly-Mae removed her lip fillers and chronicled her experience on her YouTube channel.

She spoke about the moment she didn’t recognise herself with Steven, “I wouldn’t say I got addicted to it, but by the age of 21, I didn’t look like the same person.

“I literally looked like a different person. When I look back at pictures now, I’m terrified of myself. I’m like, ‘Who was that girl?’ I don’t know what happened.”

via Instagram @mollymae

Molly-Mae shared a video of herself on YouTube shortly after getting her filler done and it began trending on Twitter with people trolling her over her lips. She decided to get her fillers removed and though she recorded the whole process for YouTube she said she didn’t expect the reaction she got from people.

“It was horrendous. It was utterly horrendous. My face was literally like, it was just awful. That was the moment for me as well where I was like, I think things need to change.“I thought, one day I’m going to get my lips dissolved. It was a process. I went and got my lips dissolved and I posted about it on YouTube and I didn’t expect the response that I got. It was huge.”

‘I’ve always done more than the average influencer’

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Having recently been appointed the creative director of PrettyLittleThing Molly-Mae was quizzed about her role by Steven.

“The creative director role wasn’t just out of the blue. I’ve always given my input in everything I’ve done, in every collection I’ve done, I’ve always done more than the average influencer and I think PLT saw that.

“Things have changed so much now I’ve come into this role, the collections I’m bringing out now, they’re worked on for a year. Things are done a lot more seriously, they’re not rushed.

“We’re working on a London Fashion Week show which has been in the works for six months. It’s a lot of work. It’s a business role, I’m learning, I don’t know everything about business. I’m there to be a fresh set of eyes and to be the consumer giving their voice.”

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