Drag Race: UK Versus The World cast

Ok, this is the iconic rumoured cast for the upcoming Drag Race: UK Versus The World

If this is true, we’re in for one of the best seasons ever

After years of wanting, hoping, wishing and waiting – our first ever international season of All Stars is about to air on BBC Three and iPlayer in February, titled RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK Versus The World. So much information surrounding UK Versus The World is still under wraps. We know that Ru will be hosting, Michelle, Alan and Graham will be judging and it was all filmed in the same location as season three of Drag Race UK. The guest judges are yet to be revealed, but there are RUMOURS of the cast that have come from Drag Race detectives monitoring queens’ social media and seeing who went quiet on the months when it was supposedly filmed. So, take this with a pinch of salt as it’s all rumours at this stage, but here are the nine queens allegedly cast on Drag Race: UK Versus The World.

Baga Chipz – Drag Race UK season one

Baga Chipz is one of Drag Race UK’s biggest exports; notably appearing on multiple shows since coming third on season one in 2019. Baga is a massive fan favourite, and will surely be bringing the laughs and iconic acting challenge performances on UK Versus The World.

Blu Hydrangea – Drag Race UK season one

Irish icon Blu Hydrangea is known for her dirty humour and her breathtaking makeup skills – her stunning looks and ability to really go there in the challenges got Blu into the top five of Drag Race UK season one.

Cheryl Hole – Drag Race UK season one

Cheryl Hole became a firm fan fave on Drag Race UK season one and finished the show in fourth place. She can dance the hell out of a lip sync like no one else, and her sense of humour and chirpy personality has kept her booked and busy since her season ended.

Janey Jacké – Drag Race Holland season one

Janey Jacké finished season one of Drag Race Holland as a runner up, and was quick to tell Gay Times back then that she was “hungry for All Stars”. If the rumours of the Drag Race: UK Versus The World cast are true, she might be able to get her chance.

Jimbo – Canada’s Drag Race season one

Jimbo spent her time on Canada’s Drag Race season one being completely robbed, slept on and then finishing in fourth place. She deserved better – great sense of humour and a completely unique but fashion forward taste in style. Hopefully she can dominate in the cast of Drag Race: UK Versus The World if this cast rumour is confirmed.

Jujubee – Season two, All Stars 1 and All Stars 5

Nobody has competed quite like Jujubee – she is the only queen to have competed on three seasons of Drag Race and made the top three every time. She’s a formidable competitor – and is her time cast on Drag Race: UK Versus The World finally going to be the time she gets her crown? The queens should be very afraid if the rumours are true.

Lemon – Canada’s Drag Race season one

COME THROUGH! Lemon made an icon of herself during season one of Canada’s Drag Race, where she finished in fifth place. But it was her post-show successes, like reading lyrics to Millie B Soph Aspin Send on a live and her iconic and timeless straight up rapstress verse on Priyanka’s Come Through that has solidified this legend as such a fan fave. If the rumours are true, we’re in for a treat.

Monique Heart – Season 1o and All Stars 4

Drag Race: UK Versus The World cast

Giving us the ooh-ah-ah sensation and making us all feel brown cow stunning, Monique was the Heart of both season 10 and All Stars 5. She’s a fan favourite for a reason!

Pangina Heals – Drag Race Thailand Co-Host

Drag Race: UK Versus The World Cast

Via World Of Wonder

Okay, if these rumours are true then Pangina Heals, co-host of seasons one and two of Drag Race Thailand, will be the first ever competitor on an All Stars season who has never competed on a regular season of Drag Race. EXCITING!

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