Jenny and Lee Gogglebox

Take this important Gogglebox quiz and we’ll tell you if you’re more Jenny or Lee

Honestly it’s a win-win situation

Gogglebox simply would not be Gogglebox if it wasn’t for everyone’s favourite Hull-based besties, Jenny and Lee. In fact, it’s hard to actually cast your mind back to the bleak years where Jenny and Lee weren’t even cast members. It feels as though the two icons have always been there; causing havoc in that caravan park and making us cry laughing with their endless, chaotic sofa pranks. How they weren’t cast amongst the OG Gogglebox families will be one of the biggest mysteries of the modern age. But the age old question when watching Jenny and Lee on Gogglebox has GOT to be if you’re more Jenny or if you’re more Lee. Very similar besties, but with iconic and fundamental differences.

Are you more Lee – a natural prankster, a dry sense of humour and a laugh that once it starts refuses to stop? Or are you more Jenny – heart of gold, cries at every single thing and can’t tell a real plant from a plastic one. Get your face mask crisp dip, your fanny flannels and take this quiz to see if you’re more like Jenny or Lee from Gogglebox once and for all!

Featured image courtesy of Channel 4.

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