It turns out the phone number in Don’t Look Up is real and it leads to a naughty hotline

Call for ‘peace of mind’

A phone number featured in Netflix’s film Don’t Look Up is real and leads to a sex hotline.

Don’t Look Up is Netflix’s latest blockbuster movie with a stellar cast including Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lawrence. The movie tells the story of two scientists trying to tell the world a deadly comet is headed towards Earth, only for the threat to be twisted and used as part of a political and media game.

At one point during Don’t Look Up Leonardo DiCaprio’s character Randall Mindy appears in a televised government message urging people to call a certain number if they feel overwhelmed. The number 1-800-532-4500 is displayed on screen and it turns out the number is real.

A number of people on Twitter have been claiming they called the number and were connected with a sex hotline.

One user wrote: “Kudos to you Don’t Look Up to having the BASH hotline for their asteroid stress prevention hotline being linked to a Hot Singles in Your Area phone number.”

via Netflix

In the film clip Leonardo’s character explains how the government was setting up a free helpline to help those who were distressed by the comet.

He said: “Right now, millions of you are having theses same doubts and questions about the approaching comet. That is why BASH Cellular, in conjunction with the United States government, is creating a new hotline, free of charge, to answer all of your questions. And who knows: Maybe, just maybe one of our scientists … can be that friend we all need to lean on during uncertain times.”

A popup then appears on the screen with a voiceover saying: “Call 1-800-532-4500 for peace of mind. Offer only available to BASH customers.”

According to People magazine when you call the hotline in real life you are connected with a sex hotline which features a woman’s voice suggesting hot women are waiting to talk to you.

It says: “Welcome to America’s hottest hotline. Guys, hot ladies are waiting to talk to you. Press 1 now. Ladies, to talk to interesting and exciting guys free, press 2 to connect free now.”

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It’s unclear if Netflix intended for the number to be included in the movie. Late last year a real phone number was included in Netflix’s Squid Game and had to be edited out of the show after the owner of the number received thousands of calls.

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