Elle Darby’s fiancé, Connor Swift, has apologised for the racist tweets he posted in 2012

In a few of the tweets he explicitly used the n-word

Elle Darby has been all over the internet recently after old racist and homophobic tweets from 10 years ago resurfaced and now her fans have have clocked her fiancé, Connor Swift, also has a history of tweeting hateful language. Elle has since apologised in both an Instagram story and YouTube video, and her 28-year-old fiancé Connor has also apologised for his shameful tweeting in a post on Instagram where he has over 176,000 followers.

But before we get into his history on Twitter, here’s a brief run down of Connor Swift and Elle Darby’s relationship:

They’ve been dating for almost seven years

They started their relationship back in 2015, after Connor messaged Elle on Instagram. Elle said she found it “weird” at first as Instagram wasn’t necessarily a big platform back then.

In January 2021, Elle announced they were expecting their first child. She uploaded a video called “We’re having a baby” which has since amassed over one million views. He’s also the co-owner of a luxury British loungewear brand Angelle Collection, which was originally created by Elle Darby. Their son, Saint, was born on July 10 last year. They currently live together in Wiltshire with their two golden retrievers and their son.

Back in 2012 Connor Swift posted some tweets which have since caused him ’embarrassment’

In 2012, under his username @ConnorSwift123, Connor was sharing posts consisting of the n-word. One tweet in particular saw him tagging someone with the caption “Ring me” followed by the n-word. Then in another tweet from July 2012, he said he “Looking like a black man after work, through all the dust I collected” followed by the hashtag “Still looked hot”.

Connor Swift racist tweets

via Twitter

In his apology on Instagram, Connor said: “I am sorry. Before anymore is said, I wanted to make sure those words were said and hopefully felt. I’ve been reading my DMs and a few have felt that I didn’t say it in my first message. Although my first message was one big apology, it may have been overshadowed by shame, embarrassment and sadness from my own actions.”

He continued to say he’s sorry to anyone affected by his tweets and this is the biggest lesson he could’ve ever learnt. Connor said: “I will not justify my actions and accept full responsibility for this whilst also knowing I will continue to learn, and continue to grow. Although the tweets were made almost 10 years ago, the language used has a timeless pain, and a pain I won’t ever truly feel. I want to reiterate the growth that I have made as a person since these tweets were made almost 10 years ago, the person I am today is not the same person who made those tweets.”

Connor then goes on to say his views on the language used and his education on the topics have changed drastically since he posted those tweets in 2012. He says: “I’ve learnt now more than ever before that the words we use are so beyond powerful but I will show that my actions will forever speak louder moving forward. I want to make it clear that I am sorry, to everyone my tweets have affected and caused pain upon.

“The conversations caused from this are just as important, as they allow me and others to grow and develop as people, and I will continue to do so as I have over the past decade. I will learn and from my mistakes I will continue to grow from education and learning to broaden my mindset. I am sorry for everyone hurt, I promise to do better and be a better person.”

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