Wait, there was a YOU Easter Egg in season two of Emily in Paris?!

Give us the crossover we want!!!

Since the end of season three of YOU on Netflix, we’ve all been begging for a crossover of the show and our favourite trashy drama Emily in Paris. At first it seemed like an extremely far-fetched dream, a crossing of two shows that just shouldn’t and simply couldn’t exist – until a big fat YOU Easter Egg popped up in season two of Emily in Paris.

So wait, is it happening? Joe is in Paris now, so will his path cross with Emily? I don’t know what sort of messy hell this will create, but I would pay good money to see it happening. So if you missed the YOU Easter Egg in season two of Emily in Paris, here’s when it happened.

There actually was a YOU Easter Egg in season two of Emily in Paris, so the crossover must be happening

The YOU Easter Egg in Luc conversation in season two of Emily in Paris on Netflix

via Netflix

The moment came in a conversation between Luc and Emily, it was a quick exchange so you’ll be forgiven for missing it. Talking to Emily in episode three, Luc says: “Don’t waste time with girls or thinking about Marianne number one or Marianne number two. Just never date a woman named Marianne. Never.” Why did they chose the name Marianne? They literally said it three times, so this is no unthought about mistake. Is he foreboding Emily getting involved with Joe and Marienne or?!

We all know Joe Goldberg has hopped to Paris in a desperate attempt to somehow cross paths his latest love obsession Marienne. Does Luc know something we don’t? Netflix even added fuel to the fire by sharing a screenshot of the exchange and a screenshot of Marienne in YOU, captioned: “Emily you have been warned”.

Emily, you’re not safe. Yikes.

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