This is everything that will definitely happen on your uni ski trip

15. Skiing past yellow banks of snow

Every winter and spring vacation, thousands of students flock to the mountains for a ski trip, providing some much-needed escape from their essays, problem sheets, exam revision, and the mundane landscape of the uni campus.

These trips are some of the most sought-after events of the year, with tickets often selling out in under an hour.

This year has been particularly tumultuous, with last-minute restrictions and pandemic pandemonium thwarting many people’s plans to even reach the ivory peaks. But the harder Covid makes it, the more we are determined to make it there.

Whether you’re a first-time skier, a seasoned pro, or just looking for some good old ski trip nostalgia, here’s a 100 per cent, extremely accurate guide to everything that will definitely happen on your uni ski trip.

1. The 20+ hour coach ride there

No one wants to do it. But it’s cheaper than flying. Combat your misery by knocking yourself unconscious, either through copious amounts of drinking or sleep.

2. Flaunting your coolest ski look

Who cares how good your skiing is as long as you look cool doing it? The key is lots of bright colours so you draw as much attention as possible.

3. Helping the beginners to their first lessons

Uni ski trips are the best time to learn how to ski with your friends! On average, over one third of students on ski trips are complete beginners. It’s never too late to learn.

4. Getting sunburnt on a bluebird day


Yes, your mum told you to put on sun cream. Of course you forgot. You woke up, saw the amazing weather and rushed out to hit the slopes. You probably forgot your snood too. And your gloves. Was the view worth it though? Absolutely.

5. That one friend that injures themselves horrendously

“I swear, I can definitely make this jump. Just watch.” They can’t, and now they have a broken collarbone to prove it.

6. Getting drunk on vin chaud with your friends at aprés

Who doesn’t love free mulled wine? Only one condition – it runs out by 3pm, so day drinking is essential.

7. Catching a majestic sunset

If you’re lucky enough to catch a day where visibility is great, you can see all the vivid colours reflect off the white snow. It’s a sight that will knock you breathless if your multiple falls haven’t already.

8. Hitting the slopes hungover the next day

Pop a few paracetamols and get back on your feet. The slopes won’t wait for you. Just be careful not to chun on the chairlift.

9. The ski/snowboard rivalry


Halfway through the trip, skiers will start moaning about their sore feet. Snowboarders will exhaust themselves trying to shoosh across flat terrain. Which one is the elite sport? It’s a debate for the ages.

10. An obligatory chelfie


Unless you’ve got one of those handy selfie sticks, you’ll have to risk holding your phone up by freezing fingers 150 feet in the air. Better hang on tight.

11. Shredding the gnar


“Did you get it on camera?” There’s always that one group that hits the ski park to show off their grabs, spins, and jumps.

12. Gorging on fondue

There’s nothing better than ending the day with a boiling pot of cheese. Indulge as your vegan friends watch on in remorse.

13. Epic spray fights

It’s spray or be sprayed on the slopes.

14. Sex on the piste (or, if you’re feeling adventurous, on the chairlifts.)

Nothing like a beautiful mountain view to get you in the mood.

15. Skiing past yellow banks of snow

You’re not sure whether it was a dog or a drunk uni boy.

16. The instant post-trip depression that hits the minute you’re on the coach

The dawning realisation that the next time you come back to the mountains is a whole year away. Try and fight this depression by begging your parents to book a family trip to Val Thorens tomorrow.

17. You lose the deposit on your room


Wake up to find that you’ve been robbed of your sixty quid. What did the resort expect from a bunch of uni students? We can’t even keep our rooms clean, forget about hotels. The smell of stale alcohol, sweat, and socks is going to linger there forever.

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