Right, do these items actually belong in a roast dinner?

What sort of heathen adds ketchup to their turkey?

A roast dinner is arguably the best meal this country has ever created. We may not know how to use spices or how to cook a bolognese properly, but we sure as hell know how to roast a potato.

As it’s one of the few national dishes we can be proud of, people take extreme pride in deciding what should and should not be on your Sunday dinner plate. We all have the meat or veggie alternative we go for and most people can agree on having chicken, pork, beef, lamb or various nut roasts. However when it comes to the accompaniments it is very easily to fall out with your best friend because they said mayo goes great with roast chicken.

The variety of vegetables, potatoes, sauces and extra tasty bits you can add either make or break the roast. Some people swear by mashed potato whereas others couldn’t bare to have it near the table. Others want bread sauce all year round but some think it is only reserved for Christmas Day. It is honestly a minefield of confusion, do you serve roast parsnips or peas? Stuffing or pigs in blankets? The answer there of course is both.

But what about the other foods? We need answers and so we’ve created a poll to see just just how normal everyone’s roast dinner opinions are.

So what do you think actually belongs in a roast? Take our poll here to find out:

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