Adele new album reactions

19 reactions to Adele’s brand new album which will make you shake, cry and throw up

This is the best worst day of my life

Adele dropped her latest album last night at midnight and screamed “It’s time to break some hearts”. Absolutely nothing in this stupid little world could have prepared us for the heartbreak we endured listening to her album. The past few hours since it’s release have been the best and worst time of our lives. Her fans on Twitter have been sharing their reactions to the album and boy, oh boy, people are sad. Here are 19 of the best reactions to Adele’s brand new album:

1. Not now sweetie, mommy is shaking, crying and throwing up at Adele’s new album

2. Ctrl, alt and delete those feelings x

3. Adele has some incredible powers

4. God damn it, Adele!

5. It didn’t happen but we still have time

6. I feel so seen right now

7. Adele broke us all

8. I am not the same person I was when I pressed play

9. I can’t get up off the floor

10. If you see me into my Pornstar Martini, no you don’t x

11. This has been the best worst week of our lives

12. How does Adele manage to do it?

13. Applications to break my heart are now open

14. I don’t think any of us were

15. She’s a wonderful and talented woman

16. She’s magical!

17. So pleased for him

18. How did you get this photo of me?

19. And we’d do it all again!!

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