TikTok is now offering grad schemes, so I finally know what I’m doing after uni

You have to complete five interviews to get the job

TikTok is now offering a host of graduate schemes for students graduating in the UK and Ireland in 2022. Finally a job I’m qualified to apply for.

The social media platform recently shared their new graduate schemes which includes roles in creative strategy, client services and software engineering all based in their London or Dublin offices.

TikTok says their graduate schemes allows for “unparalleled opportunities” and is a “great place to start your career”.

The graduate schemes run for 18 months to two years and as well as taking place in London and Dublin there are also opportunities in Dubai, New York, Los Angeles and Hamburg amongst others.

For some of the schemes you will need to be completing a specific degree whereas for roles such as the creative strategy graduate you just need to be doing a Bachelors or Masters.

A number of the roles involve making TikToks, yes you can really get paid to create TikToks for a living.

And it’s not just a graduate scheme you can apply for, TikTok is also offering internships for students graduating in 2023.

The internships will run for 12 weeks starting in June next year and are available in a variety of areas including music production, HR and Monetization Partnership (whatever that means).

The applications for internships and graduate schemes are open until the 15th April 2022, but be warned getting a job at TikTok isn’t going to be a walk in the park.

If you get to the interview stage there will be assessments or technical tests for some roles and between three and five interviews for each role. Not intimidating at all.

To apply for the TikTok graduate scheme or internship head to their website. 

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