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A new campaign is paying for women’s Ubers home and it’s raised £4,000 already

Just as Uber increases prices in London

Instagram campagin group Home Safe has raised over £4,000 to help women and girls get home safe in London.

The campaign aims to alleviate the financial stress for those who cannot afford to travel home safely by refunding their Uber trip.

According to their mission statement they are aiming to help women, girls and vulnerable people who need support getting home safely.

On Home Safe’s Instagram they say: “Skint and worried about getting home? Message us!

“We want to get women, girls and anyone who needs us home safe. We are here to help those who can’t afford to get an Uber home. Our mission is to alleviate the financial stress which often the main factor to why women and girls choose to take a less safe journey home.”

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Since the campaign went live last week they have received over £4,000 donations all of which will be used to refund people’s trips home.

The campaign will officially start working on 1st December and all those who need to make use of the service will need to do is submit a receipt of their Uber or Bolt trip and Home Safe will refund them as much as they can.

Home Safe’s campagin comes just as Uber is increasing fees across London, raising the minimum journey price from £5 to £5.50.

Uber has reportedly raised their prices in a bid to attract more drivers to the app and reduce customer wait times.

To donate to Home Safe’s campaign visit their GoFundMe page here

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