Love Quinn outfits

Love Quinn from YOU has some iconic outfits in season three, so here they are ranked

Only Love Quinn can make camel cardigans cool

Love Quinn is the queen of YOU season three thanks to her iconic outfits and impulse to kill. Fashion doesn’t seem to play a huge part in the series but if it did then Love Quinn would win the title of fashionista.

When we met Love in season two, she played the role of the hot neighbour next door – her outfits were flirty and nice but she has stepped it up in season three. Love Quinn becomes a major character and whilst there’s a lot to say about her relationship with Joe, we must give proper credit to her incredible outfits.

Love started off the third season of YOU pretty rocky but then she came into her own and her outfits banged. Here’s a ranking of Love Quinn’s outfits, starting with the worst:

The ‘welcome to Madre Linda’ look

Love Quinn’s fashion in season three was impeccable but it got off to a very rocky start. This brown leather jacket wasn’t doing anyone any favours.

The cottage core vomit cardigan look

The only reason why this cardigan isn’t last is because of the setting Love wears it in. She’s wearing it whilst in a cafe and gripping a mug, it’s giving me mum vibes but it also looks like she’s coated in sick. Not a vibe, Love.

The drowned axe murdering wife look

Obviously for anyone who has just buried the husband’s love interest in the middle of the woods in the rain, they’re not going to look good. But Love’s white blazer here is low key a serve – she came to do business, sweetie.

Her Fresh Tart apron look

This look was a big turning point for Love. I respect it’s not great but it’s better than the rest. Also just love the pun in the name of her bakery.

The ‘I’m looking for Natalie even though I know she’s dead’ look

Maybe it’s the long puffer with the fur hood or maybe it’s the fact she’s out on a search for a dead woman who she actually killed herself – she’s serving looks.

The camel dress with gold earrings

This was honestly one of the best looks I have ever seen. She looks so stunning it’s criminal.

The ‘stay married to me or die’ look

Love Quinn outfits

Look up the definition of bad bitch in the English dictionary and you will find Love Quinn. Who knew a camel cardigan could be so iconic??

The ‘I’m having an affair with the boy next door’ look

The only thing stopping this look from ranking first place is the fact Love is having an affair with a literal teenager. But her romantic affairs aside, this outfit slapped hard. The khaki green shirt and swept over fringe is an entire vibe.

The ‘I know you’re cheating’ look

Love Quinn outfits

At this moment I really thought Love was going to go all out for Marienne and just kill her. This black dress screamed revenge but at the same time it screamed Princess Diana. Love Quinn is the people’s princess and this killer look ranking at first place proves it.

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