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These are officially the worst Friends episodes ever, according to IMDb

I disagree with number nine

Friends has been around for nearly 30 years and with over 200 episodes its brought everyone countless moments of laughter, tears and perfect 90s fashion inspiration. However amongst the 235 episodes there are sure to be a few very bad episodes. But which Friends episodes are officially the worst?

Thankfully we don’t have to watch hours of TV to discover the worst of the series. IMDb has ranked all the episodes with user ratings to determine which episodes should probably be banned from Netflix forever.

All the episodes score below eight of 10 and season nine features two episodes in the top 10 worst episodes, so it’s probably worth skipping that whole season now.

These are officially the worst Friends episodes ever:

10. The One With the Stain (S8, Ep7)

IMDb score: 7.8

Kicking off the top 10 of bad Friends episode is this early one in season eight and it is easy to see why it’s been ranked badly.

In the episode Chandler hires a maid who Monica believes is stealing her clothes, Rachel decides where to live when the baby comes and Phoebe goes on a date with her sister’s ex boyfriend.

It’s essentially a filler episode and the only major plot point is where Rachel decides to live, everything else is irrelevant. The bonus point for the episode is the special appearance of Sean Penn but that’s it.

9. The One With the Fake Monica (S1, Ep21)

IMDb score: 7.8

Right I don’t get why this episode is rated so badly? Sure it’s a bit of an odd storyline, but it provided peak 90s vibes.

If the title of the episode doesn’t give it away then the plot of the episode is a woman taking Monica’s credit card and using her identity. The girls try and catch her in the act and instead become mates with her.

Elsewhere Ross has to give up Marcel and Joey tries to come up with a new stage name. Chandler’s suggestion? Joseph Stalin.

8. The One With the Evil Orthodontist (S1, Ep20)

IMDb score: 7.8

Again I do not understand why a season one episode has gone into the worst episodes. This episode sees Rachel go back to dating Barry behind Mindy’s back, which was not cool from her, but made a dramatic episode.

Chandler has a rather large storyline in this episode where he freaks out when a girl doesn’t call him back after a date. Classic Chandler behaviour.

7. The One With the Donor (S9, Ep22)

IMDb score: 7.8

Ok now this is an episode that deserves all the low scores you can give it. In this late season nine episode Chandler and Monica invite one of Chandler’s colleagues over as a prospective sperm donor and essentially grill him over his health.

Elsewhere in the episode Rachel and Phoebe take Charlie shopping and she overhears Rachel confess her crush on Joey. However Rachel tells her it is actually Phoebe who likes Joey.

And then also going on is Phoebe’s unexpected date with David. Whilst a lot goes down, it’s in that Friends era where they thought it would be good for Joey and Rachel to date so automatically it’s a bad episode.

6. The One With Phoebe’s Ex-Partner (S3, Ep14)

IMDb score: 7.8

This is kind of a non episode, building up to the drama before Ross and Rachel break up.

Phoebe reunites with her old singing partner who then goes onto sell Smelly Cat to an ad agency.

Chandler dates a girl who Joey previously dated who has a prosthetic leg. When Joey dated her he accidentally threw her leg in the fire and she then breaks up with Chandler over his third nipple.

5. The One With the Vows (S7, Ep21)

IMDb score: 7.4

My biggest pet peeve with TV shows is when they do compilation episodes of old scenes. It’s lazy, boring and if I wanted to watch old clips I would go on YouTube.

This episode features Monica and Chandler trying to write their vows and reflect on their lives together. A total waste of an episode and thoroughly deserving of its spot.

4. The One With Joey’s Interview (S8, Ep19)

IMDb score: 7.4

Again another old clips compilation episode but this time of Joey’s acting career. Next please.

3. The One With Christmas In Tulsa (S9, Ep10)

IMDb score: 7.4

For a compilation episode this one is actually better than the others because if ever there’s a time to reminisce on the past it’s Christmas

Chandler is working in Tulsa, gets hit on by his colleague who steals the ham and he reflects on past christmases. He ends up quitting his job and making a dramatic return home. It’s not great, but far better than the others.

2. The One With Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E (S6, Ep20)

IMDb score: 7.3

I don’t know what’s worse, the name Mac and C.H.E.E.S.E for a TV show or the Friends’ writers lazy attempt at another old clips episode? This time it’s all about the times the Friends have messed up. Yawn.

1. The One With the Invitation (S4, Ep21)

IMDb score: 7.1

And the prize for the worst Friends episode of all time goes to The One With the Invitation. It’s one that centres on Ross so of course it’s bad.

Not only is it a Ross centric episode, but it’s another compilation episode and oh my god, no one enjoys these episodes. Why do they do them?

It revolves around Ross debating whether to invite Rachel to his wedding to Emily, I can’t even remember if he does invite her because I died of boredom before the end of the 20 minute episode.

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