Why is Matt Lucas a Drag Race judge when he made his name cross-dressing for cheap laughs?

Matt Lucas’ career background isn’t something he should be proud of

Season three of Drag Race UK kick started last night and it was as iconic as we anticipated. The queens were all stunning but the vibes were a little bit off for me. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the episode a lot but last night’s judging didn’t sit right with me. For those who didn’t watch, Matt Lucas was invited on as a guest judge and I really don’t understand why.

You might know Matt Lucas from Bake Off, but he didn’t shoot to stardom by making one-dimensional, insulting jokes about cakes. His career began in the early 2000’s when co-wrote and starred in the TV sitcom Little Britain alongside David Walliams. From the years 2003 to 2007, Matt Lucas tried to get laughs by cross-dressing as women, wearing blackface, mocking people with disabilities and making fun out of those who are working class. Basically, he was a dickhead.

Matt Lucas in Little Britain

There was a long running sketch where Matt played a woman called Marjorie Dawes and ran a weight loss club. In this sketch he’d constantly fat shame women and was particularly racist to other women who attended the fictional club. Through this character, Matt would routinely victimises an Asian woman called Meera in the club by mixing her name with Mary or Moira….which are…British names.

Matt also played another very out-dated female character called Florence. The reoccurring sketch saw Matt and David Walliams dress up as women and shout “I’m a lady” over and over again. They even revived this sketch last year in 2020 for the BBC Big Night In.

Sure he’s since apologised for it and said he regrets his actions, but this doesn’t make it okay. He’s the last person on my list for making a good Drag Race judge. Having him critique queens is just insulting considering he mocked performers like them earlier on in his career.

Drag Race is an openly queer show, it’s where the queens can comfortably be themselves. And where anyone watching it can embrace the beautiful drag and queer community. So having Matt Lucas judge the queens on how they look and perform really doesn’t sit right with me at all.

When it was announced he’d be appearing on the panel, fans of the show were confused. One person then shared an image of Little Britain showing Matt Lucas playing one of his female characters.

Another person said Matt Lucas is “the man who ran around for a decade shouting ‘I’m a lady'”.

People seem to forget just how much of a dickhead Matt Lucas is. Just because he’s made himself a place at the Bake Off table, doesn’t mean he’s welcome on Drag Race UK.

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