Only a true Cheetah sister would get 12/15 on this Cheetah Girls lyrics quiz

You gotta strut like you mean it x

Since its release in August 2003, the Cheetah Girls Movie has been a staple in the childhood of every 90s baby. But, because of a successful sequel, it has inadvertently galvanised two generations. Disney fans that left teenage-dom singing the soundtracks of later films like Tangled and Into the Woods began their magical journey with cult classics like the Cheetah Girls.

With such a wide-reaching audience, the competition for the most devoted fan has been cut-throat for decades. It’s not enough to know the movie’s plot inside out – even amateurs can make deductions from a story of four girls trying to spend a summer holiday together. The true search is for the real superfans, those of us that have the musical stylings of Dorinda, Aqua, Galleria and Chanel still imprinted on their brains after all this time.

So how well do you actually remember all the Cheetah Girls lyrics? There’s only one way to find out – take this lyrics quiz now:

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