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So what is a twin flame? And how do I know if I’ve found mine?

It’s different to a soul mate

Have you ever met someone who instantly felt like home? Or you had a weird sense of deja vu when you first met? Or feel like you’re magnetically drawn to each other? Then chances are you’ve met your twin flame.

It seems like right now everyone has ditched the soulmate label and instead embracing the name of “twin flame” to describe their relationship. Megan Fox and Alicia Keys have both recently used the term to describe their relationships.

However the concept of twin flames has been around for centuries and whilst it may not always be a romantic relationship and they may not last forever they’re intense, according to one TikToker. Speaking of TikTok, twin flames are all over the app with the hashtag having over one billion views.

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So what exactly are they? This is everything you need to know:

What is a twin flame?

The concept of twin flames is said to originate from Plato who said humans were originally two faces, four legs and four arms. However fearing their power, the gods split humans in two and that is why we have a “twin” out there in the world.

According to spiritual teacher Todd Savvas, a twin flame “is your own soul, shared across what appears to be two physical beings. It’s one soul split into two bodies.

“When a soul is created, it is split into two parts, mirrors of each other, constantly yearning to reconnect.”

They don’t have to be a romantic connection instead the purpose of twin flames are to spiritually connect and change the other’s life forever.

They are meant to teach each other important lessons and will often connect on shared trauma. Twin flames can also be considered a person’s mirror or other spiritual half.

How is a twin flame different to a soul mate?

The biggest difference between twin flames and soul mates is you will only have one twin flame but could have multiple soulmates.

Relationship expert Cara Kovacs told Cosmopolitan a soul mate completes you whereas a twin flame is there to push you to grow.

And unlike soulmates, twin flames don’t have to last forever and will often go their own ways once they have learnt all their lessons from each other.

What are the signs I’ve met my twin flame?

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Unlike soulmates it’s very likely you will be extremely similar to your twin flame – you will often have shared experiences, the same interests, the same weaknesses and strengths.

A twin flame is often described as feeling like “home” and you will probably feel as if you’ve known them your entire life, even if it’s only been a short amount of time.

Other signs you’ve met your twin flame include feeling a magnetic attraction to one another, always forgiving the other person and them knowing you better than anyone else in the world.

Are twin flames toxic?

As with any romantic concept the idea of one perfect person for us puts a lot of pressure on us and it can easily feel like you’re failing if you haven’t met “the one”. But the good thing is a twin flame isn’t meant to last forever and not everyone will get the chance to meet theirs so give yourself a break.

However just because you’ve found your twin flame it doesn’t mean it will be plain sailing. Many relationship experts suggest twin flames will be volatile and full of on again off again moments. This is due to the nature of twin flame relationships meaning you see your own “demons” more clearly through the other person according to Savvas.

And if you’ve been on TikTok then you may have seen the word “runner” often appearing with twin flames too. But this has nothing to do with going for a jog. Instead often one of the twin flames will “run away” from the relationship because their ego is not ready for the connection as it’s too intense. So whilst it may not strictly be toxic, it won’t always be easy having a twin flame.

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